Campus Renovations: Refreshing and restoring the main building

Building on our success

The Inspiring Women Campaign was extraordinarily successful. Through the generosity of almost 3,000 alumnae, parents, faculty, staff, and friends, we raised $51 million allowing us to make significant strides in securing the future of Westover.
With a strong financial foundation in place, with the future of our people and programs secured, it's time to turn our attention to the place that matters so much to all of us. We must now address the needs of the heart and soul of the Westover experience - our 100-year-old main building.

In order to ensure that Westover can effectively meet the demands of today's students, faculty and staff, as well as successfully attract those of the future, it is crucial that we make improvements and enhancements to our 100-year-old main building. The project will enrich Westover's strong sense of place; provide vibrant spaces where students and faculty can gather, collaborate, and reflect; and support innovative programs that keep Westover at the forefront of girls' education.

2017 Summer Updates

Week 1 & 2: May 29th - June 9th, 2017.

Archival photos of the main building and smokestack throughout the years.

The smokestack coming down, viewed from Hillard House the week of June 5th, 2017.

Complete video of smokestack coming down the week of June 5th, 2017.

Smokestack coming down on June 9th, 2017.

Sense of Place

To learn how you can impact the campus project, contact Barbara Sabia, Director of Development, at 203.577-4541 or

Completed in the Spring of 2017, the Women In Science and Engineering Center. View more here.

2017 Summer Updates

  • Improvements to the main entryway corridor to include a graded entrance at the front door, and at the far end of Quad for full accessibility to the south corridor.
  • The addition of two accessible bathrooms
  • Grading to classrooms and hallway in east corridor for greater accessibility
  • Elevator addition
  • Newly renovated office space