Strategic Plan

Westover will lead in educating girls and be the school of choice for young women who prize academic excellence. We will achieve this distinction by cultivating in students a lifelong love of learning, teaching them the importance of rigorous inquiry, and giving them a sense of responsibility to the world. Our facilities will always enable our community of faculty and students to come together in intellectual, artistic, and athletic exploration for the betterment of all.

Westover’s Strategic Plan, the implementation of which began in the fall of 2014, is focused on positioning Westover to lead the way in this century of women. The four strategic goals of the Strategic Plan support how we Enlighten Scholars, Engage Citizens, and Empower Women in the 21st century.

Westover’s Enlightened Scholar is supported both by its faculty in cultivating a lifelong love of learning and by its institution as a whole that will lead in educating girls. The Shaping the Whole Scholar initiatives begun this past year focused on modeling the curriculum according to the qualities and skills we seek to graduate in our girls through the revised Vision Statement. By reexamining the interconnectedness of each girl’s academic, social, and service experience at Westover, we have begun and continue to create a more transparent, meaningful, and deliberate program that joins all aspects of a student’s life.

To achieve this balance among the Scholar, the Citizen, and the Woman, a Wellness Program was developed that not only focuses on the kinds of discussions that are relevant to the growing needs of girls within the areas of Nutrition, Academic Support, and General Health, but also integrates the program more consistently and meaningfully throughout each girl’s Westover experience. Institutionally, the vision to lead in educating girls and to continue to attract the best and brightest is dependent upon a strong and vibrant Board who, this past year, fortified financial policies of the school, established procedures surrounding succession planning, and further clarified the role and responsibilities of trustees to meet the evolving needs of Westover.

Additionally, the creation and implementation of a Master Plan was begun to reexamine not only the care of the historical legacy of Westover’s physical plant, but also to adapt our buildings and spaces to a continually evolving curriculum that seeks to enhance a more cohesive and collaborative community.


Work with the Strategic Plan has been rejuvenated with the start to a new year and the excitement is palpable with Julie Faulstich, our Head of School, fully immersed in the process.

The faculty are visiting other schools and institutions in order to gain perspective as we start to consider curricular and structural changes to our day to day operations. Department chairs are just beginning the hard work of making programmatic decisions that align with the principles of the academic vision statement crafted last year.

Beyond the curriculum, we have become more active and thoughtful about our approach to hiring not only the best and brightest, but also striving to increase our faculty and staff diversity. Our Community Life Committee is also working on evaluating and retooling the social and community offerings both on and off campus for students in order to enhance the student experience. There is excitement in the air with the changes occurring at Westover and the community is poised to drive the School in a positive direction through these strategic planning initiatives.