Getting Started

There's one easy way to determine whether Westover is the place for you: Come visit! Many of our girls will tell you that is was their visit here that prompted them to apply. "I knew right away" they tell us. "It just felt right!" Your visit will include attending a class and touring our campus. You'll get to know us a bit before sitting down with a member of our admissions team for your interview. Below is a short list of steps to get you started.

1. Inquire by sending us an e-mail, giving us a call at 203.577.4518, or filling out the online inquiry form.

2. Schedule a campus visit and interview by calling 203.577.4518 or by emailing Lea.

A campus visit includes attending a class and having a tour with a student hostess and tour guide, followed by an interview with a member of our admissions team. Please expect to spend 21/2-3 hours on our campus. You and your parent(s) will attend a class and tour the campus separately. You will then spend time talking with a member of our admissions team. The interview is our opportunity to get to know you, your interests and accomplishments, and answer any questions you have about Westover. At the conclusion of your interview, your parent(s) will then spend time asking questions of your Admissions Office Contact. This is another opportunity for us to learn more about you.

3. If you think Westover is the right fit for you, Apply here.
Register for the SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test). Our school code is 8152. Register for the TOEFL for International Students ONLY. Our school code is 8016.

Westover Events


Westover's New WISE Center opens

Monday, February 27, was not only the beginning of Westover's spring term, it also marked the opening of the School's new Center for Women in Science and Engineering (WISE). Construction on the renovated space began last fall.

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“It is our hope that by the time a student graduates she has cultivated a strong, supportive network — a network that can expand even further after graduation.”

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