Alumnae Weekend

On behalf of the Alumnae Association Board of Governors, we are thrilled to invite you back to campus for reunion weekend, May 12-13, 2017 for classes ending in 2 and 7. We hope to see as many of you as possible in May and look forward to a wonderful weekend of reconnecting with each other and with Westover.

Maura Tansley ’00
President of the Alumnae Association

Dorie Pease ’57
Vice President of the Alumnae Association

Current Reunion Registration List

Updated as of April 26

1947 70th Reunion
Susan Silliman Tracy Addiss '47

Sherry Fisher Huber '55

Constance Seely-Brown Cliffe '56

1957 60th Reunion
Martha Allen Ross '57
Barbara Edwards Hicks '57
Elizabeth Fox Fisher '57
Alane Gerdau '57
Janet Haskell Spalding '57
Adrienne Leichtle Maxwell '57
Florence Lincoln Short '57
Lavinia Meeks '57
Mary Merrill Hoffman '57
Mary Denny Scott Wray '57
Diana Strawbridge Wister '57

Abigail Mason Browne '61

1962 55th Reunion
Ruth Barnes Fiordalis '62
Suzanne Dyer Wise '62
Beatrice Frelinghuysen van Roijen '62
G. Barrie Hogan Landry '62
Catharine Hollister Hollister Ecton '62
Susanne Roberts '62
Cynthia Titus Powers '62

Carol Cameron von Kaenel '64

1967 50th Reunion
E. Linda Baruch Leon '67
M. Abbe Clement Stein '67
Margot Clement Clark '67
Beverly Cutler '67
Phyllis Dewart Greene '67
Lalla Dodge Brutoco '67
Elizabeth Goddard Gentry '67
Germain Graves '67
Isabel Hill Fucigna '67
Mari Hill Harpur '67
Nora Lapham Wendel '67
Pamela Markham Heller '67
Nevitt Nugent Jenkins '67
Alison Peake '67
Galen Savage McWilliams '67
Ruth Selden-Sturgill '67
Lydia Thompson Whitehead '67

1972 45th Reunion
Elizabeth Bucknall Petty '72
Annie DiSesa McHugh '72
Joan Gerster '72
Gretchen Handy Comstock '72
Sarah Hartigan '72
Margaret Johnson-Orrick '72
Deborah Lippincott '72
Polly Whittaker '72

Deirdre Sullivan '76

1977 40th Reunion!
Katherine Bedell Weitzel '77
Lori Carroll '77
Helene Keo-Marjolin '77
Gillian Rowles Prendergast '77
Amy Tauchert '77

Lisa Detwiler '80

1982 35th Reunion
Alison Chase Moore '82
Robin Clisby Pelczar '82

1987 30th Reunion
Katharine Bainbridge '87
Jennifer Burlington Hague '87
Elizabeth Dunn Shiftan '87
Erica Indelicato Wood '87
Carson Jacobi '87
Rachel Minard '87
Anne Roche Perrine '87
Kirsten Tauck Mahar '87
Leigh Vaule Steele '87

1992 25th Reunion
Elizabeth Coffin '92
Jessica Gray '92

1997 20th Reunion
Trina Boyce '97
Alessandra Love Simons '97
Lauren Martinkovic Mullins '97
Michelle Brooks Parrish '97

2002 15th Reunion
Ashley Kalaus Mariano '02
Karen Lostritto '02
Aimee Gough '02
Makenzi Hurtado '02
Tiffany Stewart '02
Mary Kelly Campbell '02
Jessica Lillian '02
Flannery Carey McDermott '02
Allison Blancato '02
Jessica Rabinowitz '02
Taylor Southworth '02
Lindsay Clark '02
Serena Mulready Lillie '02
Megan Mann Burlington '02
Ellen Bird Reda '02
Jaime Feinman '02
Greta Atchinson '02
Anne-Nicole Hanus '02
Maris Hutchinson '02

10th Reunion
Melissa Ashton '07
Lauren Borkowski '07
Cydni Carter '07
Mary Cutrali '07
Kathleen Farrell '07
Tatiana Fonseca '07
Erin Garrity '07
Hailey Griffin '07
Kristin Kelly '07
Hyun Kyung Lee '07
Laura Littmann Brenneman '07
Nora Lovotti '07
Jane Magida '07
Jacqueline Siefert '07
Morgan Siller '07
Katherine Wernick '07
Ji Yun Lee '07
Bailey Briggs '07
Victoria Menegat '07
Vanessa Li Lok Wa Hofacker '07

2012 5th Reunion
Megan Boucher '12
Sarah Boyadjian '12
Elizabeth Brigham '12
Amber Chausse '12
Hannah Clark '12
Melissa Hall '12
Ayanna Wilson ’12
Megan Kelly '12
Sarah Krueger '12
Katherine Lawlor '12
Kelsey Pilon '12
Cristina Pretto '12
Valeria St. Laurent '12
Keelin Sweeney '12
Ginelle van Tartwijk '12
Ianna Wechter '12
Clara Keane '12
Julianne Tournas '12

Reunion Committee Members

If you would like to join the Reunion Committee for your class, please email Carrie at

Class Volunteers

Adele Ervin and Pat Franck Sheffield

Sue Addiss and Ethel Woolverton

Lolly Almquist

Lavinia Meeks, Dorie Pease, Alane Gerdau, and Martha Ross


Pam Heller, Phyllis Greene, Amy Knight, and Lydia Whitehead

Gretchen Handy Comstock and Joanie Gerster

Rosa Williams, MJ Hemmings, Beth Gilbert, and Anne Spencer Holm

Weezie Webber Fallon and Joanie Wetmore Yahn

Jen Burlington Hague, Leigh Value Steele and Anne Roche

Courtney Schomp Barden, Romy Torres McCloskey, Lizzie Coffin and Amanda Darrach

Katie Marages Schank
Tyler Emerson-Dorsch
Aly Love Simons
Hally Phillips Trementozzi
Elise Desjardins Stanford

Makenzi Hurtado, Megan Mann Burlington, Shanelle LIttlejohn Lavery, Ashley Kalaus Mariano, and Lindsay Clark

Tatiana Fonseca DaSilva, Lauren Borkowski, Lisa DonDiego, Hailey Griffin and Margot Lane

Anna Eggert, Katie Hedberg, Hannah Webster, Amber Chausse, and Genna DeSimone


I have not been on campus in a while. What should I expect this weekend?

Reunion is the perfect time to come back to campus! As school is still in session, you will not only be able to catch up with classmates, but also have the chance to meet current students and faculty as well. Campus is as beautiful as ever, Red Hall is still red, and we promise a good time for all!

How can I reconnect with classmates ahead of reunion?

Your reunion chairs are a great place to start. Many classes have set up Facebook pages, so you may want to look there. Also, the alumnae portal is available. Visit and join to search for classmates in the online directory.

Does the cost to attend reunion count as a reunion gift?

It does not. The registration payment goes towards food, beverage and entertainment costs. Gifts made to the Westover Fund in a reunion year will go towards the class gift total and participation total.

Where can I stay?

We recommend the Southbury Plaza (formerly Crowne Plaza). A number of rooms have been reserved for reunion weekend. For reservations, call 203-598-7600 and reference Westover School for a discounted rate.

2017 Reunion Weekend Highlights


8:15am- noon Morning Class Visits

11:30am Lunch

11:30am Special Invitation: Thank You Lunch with Reunion Volunteers, Former Trustees and Former Governors

1pm Tour of Hill-Stead in Farmington, CT

2pm-5pm Alumnae hosted workshops

WISE Center Open House

We Are Westover filming sessions

4pm Special Invitation: Tea for Hillard Society Members

5pm Meet and Greet Reception featuring Schumacher Gallery Exhibit by Jacqueline Siefert ’07

7pm Glee Concert

8pm Bonfire at Seven Sisters


7:45am Breakfast

8:45am Chapel Lineup, Chapel Service with Alumnae speaker Katie Bainbridge ’87

10am Town Meeting

11:30am Cookout

Throughout Afternoon: Campus Tours; Printing Press demos; trail walks; We Are Westover filming sessions

1:30pm-2:15pm Poetry Reading with Bruce Coffin

1:30pm-2:15pmDiversity at Westover Discussion hosted by Rasin Center

2pm-3pm WISE Center Open House

3pm-3:30pm Trail Walk in Westover’s Woods

4pm Special Invitation: Admission Tea for Alumnae with 7th or 8th grade daughters

5pm Happy Hour with the Board of Governors: A Toast to Westover and a Call to Action

6pm Depart for off-campus class dinners, locations arranged by reunion chairs

6pmSpecial Invitation: 50th Reunion Dinner for the Class of 1967 hosted on Campus

6pmSpecial Invitation: 55th and Beyond Reunion Dinner hosted by Julie Faulstich

For those who are able to stay, brunch will be available Sunday morning in the Dining Hall

We Are Westover is an initiative created to build an anthology of memories from women who have walked the halls of Westover over many decades.

Participate in this ongoing project while you are on campus for reunion.

Record your video alone, or with a friend. Answer a few of our questions about your time at Westover or bring your own anecdotes to preserve forever.

2016 Reunion Weekend Recap

May 13-15, classes ending in 1 and 6 celebrated their milestone reunions.

Reunion 2016 was a wonderful weekend! It was such a pleasure to have so many alumnae back on campus, though we certainly missed those who could not attend. Westover's campus was filled with more than 250 alumnae and families. From Friday evening's Welcome Reception through Sunday's Farewell Brunch, a wonderful time was had.

View photos from the weekend below!