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The Schumacher Gallery at Westover School facilitates dialogue between students, professional artists, and the community through challenging and approachable contemporary exhibitions. The gallery provides a space where viewers can make meaningful connections between artwork, curriculum, and culture.
Through its five to six rotating exhibitions each year featuring professional and student artists in varying media, the gallery functions as a viewing and instructional space for an inquiring student body and the school's surrounding and varied communities.

Schumacher Gallery

Westover's Schumacher Gallery, located in the LBD Performing Arts Center, exhibits work throughout the year by professional artists, including photography, painting, ceramics and multimedia works.

Exhibits may be viewed from noon to 5 pm Monday through Friday and from 1 to 5 pm on Saturday when classes are in session.

Further information is available by contacting the gallery's Co-Directors Caleb Portfolio and Allison Hildebrand.
Visitors should access the Schumacher Gallery from the school's main entrance on the Middlebury Green and are asked to sign in with the school's receptionist.

Past Exhibitions

Who: Meg Bloom

When: Jan. 4-March 3,

Exhibition Opening: Friday, Jan. 6, 5-6:30 pm

Artist Statement:

Finding beauty in the imperfect or impermanent, acknowledging moments of change and engaging with the process of transformation (often) form the basis of my work. My process is guided by the mix of planning and chance that the materials I use offer to the imagery.

My art often references nature, (including human nature,) whether evoking the

skeletons or remains of what was or the discovery of new life (growth) stealing its way amidst the ashes. It reflects memories, traces, and fantasies that combine metaphors for what has been and will be.

I may start with pulp to produce large handmade paper sculptures, or raw fibers which I cook and peel, then reassemble, or layers of silk and wax and papers which I transform through the use of heat. Regardless of the end product, my process involves a breaking down and reassembling or revisioning of both the materials and my own visual memories.

Read more here

Who: Westover Art Department Faculty Exhibition

When: Nov. 30-Dec. 16th

What: The Westover Art Department Faculty Exhibition features the personal pursuits of our performing and visual arts faculty. From subjects ranging from the sovereign farmer to bundled landscapes, from pets to performance art, our faculty demonstrate a diversity of interests and insights. Read more here about the show.

Who: Barbara Hocker, "Waterside Reveries"

When: September 30th to November 14th

What: "Waterside Reveries," an installation art exhibition created by mixed media artist Barbara Hocker, will be on display in Westover's Schumacher Gallery from Friday, September 30, through Monday, November 14.
An artist's reception open to the public was held Friday, October 14, from 5 to 6:30 pm. Read more here about the exhibition.

Current Exhibitions

Now and Again: Alternative Photography in an Age of Alternative Facts

Who: Colin Burke

When: March 27-May 5th

Open reception: May 5, 5:15 p.m. till 6:30

Artist talk: April 7th, 9:51-10:15 a.m; guest workshop in Photography class, 2:05-3:25 p.m.

Artist Statement:

I choose to work with antique photographic processes, large format cyanotype photograms and months-long exposures made with hand built pinhole cameras, to explore the elasticity of time, plasticity of memory, and the consistent rhythm of nature. The work is meant to remind us that the power of the sun, the cycle of the seasons and the earth's rotation were happening well before humans existed and will likely continue long after we're gone.

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