Campus Life

Westover is a place where girls have the desire and the opportunity to connect with each other, with the adults on campus, and the broader world around them. Our Campus Life program has been carefully designed to foster connection… allowing each girl to build a sense of self while she develops lifelong friendships and interests.

Families often ask about the weekends...what happens when school is not in session?

On Friday nights, girls can watch television with their dorm parent, take a shuttle to a nearby mall, walk to the nearby pizza restaurant, or just hang out with friends. Sometimes there are cultural programs on campus such as a musical performer or an artistic presentation.

On Saturday, after art classes and athletic games, students can attend social events held at Westover or other area schools, including boys' schools and co-ed schools.

The social events offered include dances, movie nights, and club or class-sponsored activities such as the Head's of School bonfire and Westover's yearly COLORES Festival.

Faculty and students alike all look forward to Sunday brunch; it is truly a spectacular treat, and a wonderful opportunity to take a break and enjoy each other’s company. While most students spend Sundays relaxing, studying, and preparing for the school week, there are often day trips to local shopping plazas, malls, and nearby cities.

Have a great idea for a trip or social event? Let the Director of Students Activities, Tracy Lytle, know or speak to your student social representatives and we will work to make it happen. Please feel free to drop by with questions or ideas.

Student Government

Heads of School

The student body is led by seven heads of school. Each head, who are all seniors, has specific responsibilities coordinating different areas of school life. Together they work with faculty administrators to maintain good community morale and quality of life.
The seven heads are as follows: First Head of School, Second Head of School, Third Head of School, First Head of the Athletic Association, Second Head of the Athletic Association, Day Student Head, and Head Proctor.


Proctors are Junior and Senior Dormitory Positions. These elected students are liaisons between the dorm parents and the students.
Proctors enforce rules, help with Check-In and help say Goodnights in the evenings as well as make themselves available to students who need someone to talk to or who need help with a problem, as proctors are trained in peer mediation.

Heads of School

Heads of School

  • First: Jovial '17
  • Second: Lauren S. '17
  • Third: Sophia Y. '17
  • First Head of AA: Abby H. '17
  • Second Head of AA: Joana '17
  • Day Head: Anna '17
  • Head Proctor: Ibukun '17

Proctors, West/Overs, Dorcas


  • Ibukun '17 (Head Proctor)
  • Isabella '18 (International Proctor)
  • Shanshan '18
  • Clara '18
  • Jiberly '18
  • Trish '17
  • Briana '17
  • Sarah N. '17
  • Jenny Z. '17

West Heads

  • First: Leah
  • Second: Ireland
  • Third: Lydia

Over Heads

  • First: Lauren
  • Second: Chaylee
  • Third: Tegan


  • First: Eva
  • Second: Maddie H.
  • Third : Maryam

Westover Events

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