Westover strives to inspire an informed appreciation and respect for differences within our community and beyond our walls. We are committed to building a community that believes in the value of diverse perspectives. We encourage exploration beyond the boundaries created by such categories as race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. In accordance with the Rasin Center's mission, our hope is that we will come to recognize in each encounter with anyone who is "not me" an invitation to deeper understanding, richer adventure, truer connection, and a fuller life.

We seek to:

unite our community in support of equity and justice and make the School a model of inclusiveness

cultivate curiosity about who we are and about our experiences both in our own community and in the wider world

ensure that no member of our community has to hide who he or she is

encourage the appreciation and celebration of the value of different opinions, traditions, and experiences

nurture in ourselves and in each other the courage to step outside of our comfort zones

increase our awareness of diversity of our own areas of bias, and of any ways we can better support each other

recognize our responsibility to create a multicultural learning environment that reflects our larger community and society

Colores Festival 2016

Events and Activities

  • Clubs, including WALSA (Westover's Africa-American and Latina Student Association), Asian Culture Club, Spectrum, UK Connection, French Club, Spanish Club, Women's Rights Club, International Student Alliance, Amnesty International