Westover Drama Presents Legally Blonde
Posted 10/04/2012 10:55AM

The Westover School Theatre Department will be debuting its Fall production of Legally Blonde on Friday and Saturday November 2 and 3 at 7:30 pm in the LBD Performing Arts Center.  Based on the classic movie we all know and love, the story follows Elle Woods as she travels from her posh sorority life at UCLA to Harvard Law with the intention of winning back her one true love, Warner Huntington III.  Along the way, she meets some new friends who help her survive her new school.  After being chosen for an internship where she helps to defend Brooke Wyndham, a former Delta Nu and fitness mogul being tried for the murder of her husband, Elle gets the chance to prove that it’s what’s on the inside that really matters, and learns a lot about herself along the way. The musical is based on the book of the same name by Heather Hach. Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin wrote the music and lyrics. Marla Truini of Roxbury is the Director of the production. Legally Blonde has situations and subject matter that may be considered PG-13.


The production cast includes Sophia Lanman of Scarborough, ME as Elle Woods; Stephanie Crudele of Middlebury, CT as Paulette Bonafonte; Jill Moisan of Woodbury, CT as Vivienne Kensington; Vicky Graham of Baltimore, MD as Professor Callahan; Robert Peterson of Woodbury, CT as Emmett; Britney Dumas of New Haven, CT as Warner Huntington III; Claire Penanhoat of Scituate, MA as Brooke Wyndham; Kathryn Volovski of Middlebury, CT as Pilar; Nicole Ganci of Southbury, CT as Serena; Leah Nashel of Newtown, CT as Margot; Kayla Ntoh of Macungie, PA as Grandmaster Chad;  Atia Curtiss of Maplewood, NJ as Whitney; Dhalia Tejada of Newark, NJ as Sundeep Agrawal Padamadan; Hannah Olshansky of Bridgewater, CT as Enid Hoopes; Deanna Bugel of Greene, ME as Aaron Schultz; Amelia Bell of Salisbury, CT as Kate; Addie Pates of Manchester by the Sea, MA as Kyle B. O’Boyle; Margaret Milford of Waterbury, CT as Nikos; Mairead Fay of Pawling, NY as Carlos and Tom Hungerford of Middlebury, CT as Mr. Woods.  The ensemble of Delta Nu Sorority girls includes Emily Amarante of Middlebury, CT; Brittany McDonald of Middlebury, CT; Julianne Brown of Watertown, CT; Meredith Flores of Houston, TX and Claire Donovan of Brewster, NY.


Technical Director Ian Diedrich of Waterbury, CT, leads the production crew. The stage manager is Priya Basu of Newtown, CT.  The running crew includes Frances Delfin of New York, NY; Alisa Tiong of Waterbury, CT; Sharon Jeon of Seoul, South Korea; Ali Walker of Watertown, CT; Sandra Huang of Beijing, China; Rachel Pomerantz of New York, NY; Rian Ishikawa of Osaka, Japan; Emma Beaulieu of Middlebury,CT; and Erika Malapad-Trentalange of Middlebury, CT.


Parking and entrance to the Performing Arts Center are on South Street in Middlebury, CT.  Reservations may be made by calling the following number: 203.577.4535.  There is no charge for admission, but donations will be gratefully accepted and appreciated.