Academic Programs

Resilient, Resourceful, Confident


While Freshmen and Sophomores take year long, full credit courses, the final two years of English consist of specialized, focused trimester long electives of the student's own choosing. This more in-depth exploration of literature and ideas lends intensity and excitement to the final two years of English at Westover.

Department Chair: Thomas Hungerford


The History program at Westover is designed to develop understanding and appreciation of economic, social, cultural and political heritage throughout the world and assists students in knowing themselves more fully within changing historical contexts.
To satisfy graduation requirements, each student must complete four trimesters of World History and three trimesters of U.S. History.

Department Chair: Wendy Butler


The Language Department offers course sequences from the introductory to the Advanced Placement levels in: French, Latin, and Spanish. The Department determines the level at which a student is placed in the language program she chooses.
Each student is required to successfully complete Westover’s third-level course in one of these languages in order to graduate, though she is encouraged, if eligible, to pursue the study of her chosen language beyond the requirement or to begin the study of a second foreign language upon meeting that requirement.

Department Chair: Kathryn Albee


The mathematics program at Westover provides a sequence of courses to accommodate for a wide range of student abilities.
Three ability levels are offered for most classes making it possible for any student to successfully remain in the math program for all four years.
Although students are required to bring a graphing calculator (TI-84) as technology is heavily integrated into daily work, a great deal of effort is placed on helping students write legibly clear and mathematically sound solutions.

Department Chair: Sarkis Boyadjian


The Science Department offers a balanced and varied curriculum of biological and physical sciences. These include year-long surveys of the major disciplines as well as trimester electives devoted to more specialized topics.
To satisfy graduation requirements, each student must complete at least two full years of laboratory science, one biological and one physical, in addition to at least one of the trimester electives.

Department Chair: Jana Dunbar

See Curriculum Guide for a more detailed description and requirements of each course.