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Varsity Field Hockey vs. Kent School
vs. Canterbury School
vs. The Gunnery

Event Type: Tournament

Date: September 17, 2011

Result:The Gunnery (L 1-0) Canterbury (L 1-0) Kent (W 1-0)

Event Recap:
The Wildcats traveled to Kent this afternoon for a round robin tournament with Canterbury, Kent, and The Gunnery.  In the first two games against Canterbury and The Gunnery, Westover was not able to find the back of the net--losing 1-0 in both games.  However, in the third game against Kent, Westover was able to transition onto the offensive.  Sophomore Sarah Corsico converted on a penalty corner, sending a shot straight to the left corner of the goal--final score, Westover 1, Kent 0.  The Wildcats are looking forward to their season opener on Wednesday as they travel to Hopkins!
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