Alumna December Spotlight: Dakota Corvalan '12

Catch up with 2012 graduate Dakota Corvalan.

Name: Dakota Corvalan
Year Graduated Westover: 2012
College/University attended: Loyola University Maryland
College/University Graduation Year:
2017/B.B.A: Marketing

1. Going from Westover to college that first year, how did Westover prepare you to head into a brand new environment, socially/academics, etc.?

Westover was an amazing experience that not only prepared me for my first year of college, but also for a gap year in Perth, Australia. After graduating from Westover, I was able to take a gap year via our sister school, St. Mary's Anglican Girls School in Perth, WA. Being halfway across the world was an intimidating experience, but the tools I gained from all the experiences I had at Westover made it less intimidating. I was welcomed into the St. Mary's community with open arms and it felt like being back at Westover.

2. How did Westover give you the confidence to find yourself or find success in college?

I was able to succeed in college because Westover thoroughly prepared me to handle each situation as it came. From having the courage to share my opinions and ideas in an English class, to asking for help from the teacher in my Calculus class. I had the confidence to step up when I had something to say, but also to step back when I needed to listen and learn more.

3. What is something you discovered about yourself during your four years? Meaning a new passion, deciding on a major, etc.?

During my time at Westover I discovered many things. The one thing that has influenced me the most was my discovery of a passion for creating connections and relationships. When I got to college I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I did know that it had to involve creating relationships.

4. Life after college: Since graduating, what are you up to? Pursuing graduate school/jumping into the workforce?

Since graduating in May 2017, I have been working at an educational non-profit in New York City. I have learned many things in this current position, but I am excited to begin the next step in my career where I will be jumping into the marketing world as an Events/Marketing Coordinator. I am super excited to have this opportunity and can't wait to get started!

5. How did you decide on what to do after graduating? What was that thought-process like for you?

After graduating I was very ready to jump into the workforce. I was applying for jobs through my Senior year and honestly was planning on being in the marketing world. When the opportunity to give back to a program that I had been in when I was in middle school presented itself, I jumped on it. I think there was a lot of thought put into what I should be doing with my degree and all, but I realized I had my whole life to use my degree. I wanted to give back to this program and help students like me, so that's why I did it and I don't regret that decision at all. It has made me understand what it is like to be a teacher and that is an experience I won't forget.

6. For you, how valuable are the Westover connections?

Westover connections are valuable to have. I keep in contact with friends from school and meet up time to time, but I think the most valuable thing about the connections is that it builds your network. You are able to access different people from different places and share that Westover experience with them. There are so many women who have shared the same experience as you and can help you, all you have to do is ask. I recently joined WestoverConnect and am so excited to begin connecting to and learning from all the wonderful Westover women.

7. For the upcoming Class of 2019, what advice would you give them as they prepare to start their senior year, college applications, and thinking about life after Westover?

My advice to you is to breathe. Life happens fast, especially in the next couple of years, and if you don't breathe, you'll miss it. College is a big thing to conquer and to apply to college is a crazy and wild experience. Remember to acknowledge what you have done and congratulate yourself whether you get in or not. Everything will work out. And with that, CHERISH YOUR SENIOR YEAR! Enjoy your time in class, at sports games, hanging out in Red Hall and everything else Westover has to offer. You will never be able to go back in time and re-do your senior year. Cherish it all. You are all extraordinary women and you have made it this far! Go you!