In Memoriam: Samantha Mallette '09 Director of Financial Aid & Associate Director of Admission

The Westover community mourns the loss of our alumna and colleague Samantha Mallette '09, who died in a car accident on June 23.

In Memoriam: Samantha Mallette '09

Director of Financial Aid & Associate Director of Admission

The Westover School community mourns the loss of our alumna and colleague Samantha Mallette, Class of 2009, who died in a car accident on Friday, June 23, in Waterbury. She was traveling to a family reunion with her grandmother, who also did not survive. We offer our condolences to Sam's family and friends.

Sam returned to Westover in 2014 as Associate Director of Admission. She was named Director of Financial Aid in December 2016. She also served as a Junior Varsity and Thirds Squash Coach and as a Junior Varsity Lacrosse Coach. Previously Sam had worked at Girls Inc. of Southwestern Connecticut, where she coordinated outreach programs, recruited organization members, conducted fundraising, and planned events. Sam graduated from Post University with a Bachelor of Science in Human Services and a Master of Public Administration and was pursuing her Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Administration.

In sharing the sad news with the Westover community, Head of School Julie Faulstich wrote, "Words fail me to adequately praise Sam. She was a fantastic admissions officer and was growing in her role daily. She was a key component to the success of the office this season in the midst of transition. I had the privilege of getting to know Sam better in the past six months and she was truly a remarkable, insightful and compassionate person."

In a statement to the media, Julie added, "Sam's commitment to the School was absolute and her passion for her work, and for educating girls, came through in everything she did. She was a brave and intrepid traveler at this time of global uncertainty, going to Europe, Russia and China to find the best girls for Westover and made such a positive impression wherever she went. I was proud to have her as an ambassador of the School.

"Although Sam was a young woman, she had the skill and gravitas to take on the demanding job of Director of Financial Aid this winter. She was mature beyond her years and her only goal was to support the best for the students.

"Sam was a generous and warm hearted colleague. Coming back to Westover as an adult, she made many good friends among the staff and faculty. She also had a dry wit and although she was generally quiet, when she smiled it really lit up the room. She was an outstanding student advisor as well – a great listener, a relatable presence for the girls, and a source of wise advice.

"Sam was on her way to great things. At such a young age, she had already completed a Master's degree at Post, bought a condo, traveled the world, and was building her experience to achieve her aspiration of becoming an admissions director. I have no doubt she would have been superb.

"Samantha made Westover proud and our deepest sympathy goes out to her family at this terrible time."

Director of Athletics Tiz Mulligan said, "Sam was respected and admired by all her players. She had a special quiet and direct coaching style that was especially effective with young and inexperienced players. She inspired them to achieve and their personal growth and successes were evidence of Sam's coaching talents. Her own passion and love for sports was apparent every day she stepped on the field or court."

As Julie concluded in her statement, "Think of Sam today and take a moment to reach out to someone to tell them how wonderful you think they are – this is such a devastating reminder of the fragility of life."