Model UN Program Returns – And Wins Awards

Westover's Model UN team is back in action – thanks to the efforts of a group of students and faculty – and the team has won awards at a conference.

Several members of Westover's renewed Model UN team attended a recent conference (from left): Elaine Wang '19, Avi Bialik '19, Sarah Pino '20, Gabby Young '19, Meaghan Bottino '20, and Connie Tu '21.

Westover's Model UN Program Returns – And Wins Awards

Interested students and faculty have been working this year to bring back Westover's Model UN team, which has been on hiatus for several years. Their efforts have met with success, as members of the team won awards at a recent Model UN conference.

Six students and two faculty members attended Kent School's Second Annual Model UN Conference on April 28. Wendy Butler, History Department chair, said, "Sophomores Sarah Pino and Meaghan Bottino worked tirelessly for several weeks to prepare and train their peers in Model UN preparation and conference procedure." Wendy and Science Teacher Sarah Michaelson accompanied the students to the conference.

Wendy said members of the team met weekly to research their assigned topics and wrote position papers in preparation for the intense negotiation that they participated in at the conference as members of three committees: Post-Paris Accords on the Environment, the World of Ice and Fire (a Game of Thrones Crisis Committee), and the Cuban Missile Crisis Committee.

At the conference, the six students successfully sponsored four resolutions and were signatories of four resolutions within their committees. Two students – Meaghan and junior Gabby Young – won conference awards for Best Position Papers.

"Our students returned excited and energized from the conference," Wendy said, "and they are ready to form a larger and active team for the 2018-19 school year." They have set goals to recruit other members, hold elections for officers, plan to attend conferences next year, and design a Westover School Model UN team name and logo.

In addition to Sarah, Meaghan, and Gabby, the other students attending the Model UN Conference were Avi Bialik '19, Elaine Wang '19, and Connie Tu '21.