Next Year's Heads of School – Already Working Together

It's a late Friday afternoon in May and the newly elected student leaders for the 2018-2019 academic year don't all agree on the idea of taking a group photo jumping up in the air. There's hesitation by some, but that's OK. A quick decision has been made to move the photo location to a tree. The thought of climbing a tree in Quad is appealing to all.

"Everyone is so different, but we all support each other and have common goals," Second Head of Athletics Maddie-Claire Norris '19 said of the group.

Looking back, it makes sense that the eight heads of school for next year all agreed a tree would be the best place to take a group photo. The tree is symbolic in a way, representing strength, growth, learning, and balance – many of the traits the heads want to use to make Westover thrive in their own unique ways.

"The Westover community has such enthusiasm that we want to bring it out more," Third Head Maya Kumar '19 said.

"As individuals, we each possess special characteristics and personalities, each with our own ideas and talents," Day Head Mia Giordano '19 said. "But if we put each of our individual personalities and strengths together, as a group we can work to achieve our common goals and improve Westover together."

The addition this year of an eighth student leader as Art Head – an idea that was presented by 2017-18 First Head of School Lauren Boucher '18 and other art students to the Community Life Committee – brings in a much needed and desired balance. It also falls perfectly in line with the incoming heads' goal to help every group on campus this coming fall.

"We each represent a different area of our school and our community," Art Head Dylan Norris '19 said. "We also cross over in our interests so everyone in the group has something in common with another head. We feel it is important for all students to feel like their voice is being heard. Because we all have a variety of different interests, I think that every group on campus will be advocated for."

The new heads have been inspired by how the Class of 2018 heads this past year advocated more for their ideas.

"Seeing all that the heads accomplished this year is really inspiring us to push for the ideas that we believe in," Head Proctor Kamille Howe '19 said. "Changing parts of the handbook that have been around for many years is not an easy task, but the old heads persevered. As new heads, we know that if we do the same, we, too, can change Westover for the better."

One common goal expressed by all is to inject more fun into the life of the School.

"The Westover community has such enthusiasm that we want to bring it out more," Third Head Maya Kumar '19 said.

"When we are all together," Second Head Elizabeth Cook '19 added, "we can't seem to stop coming up with ideas for such things as short videos and small events that we want to do during the 2018-2019 school year."

Because they will be the biggest group of student leaders in School history, First Head Bridget Gattinoni '19 is excited by the possibilities of what this group could accomplish.

"I think all of our individual personalities work really well together, as we all really work hard to take initiative, have new ideas, and maintain open minds," Bridget said. "We're all prepared to work hard next year, but also want to have fun while doing it!"

Meet the New Heads

First Head: Bridget Gattinoni
Second Head: Elizabeth Cook
Third Head: Maya Kumar
Art Head: Dylan Norris
First Athletic Head: Xitlali Zuniga
Second Athletic Head: Maddie-Claire Norris
Day Head: Mia Giordano
Head Proctor: Kamille Howe