Theatre Program to Present 'A Piece of My Heart' April 27, 28

"A Piece of My Heart" will be performed on Friday and Saturday, April 27 and 28, starting at 7 pm in the Louise B. Dillingham Performing Arts Center.

Among the cast of A Piece of My Heart are (from left): standing – Wava Chan '21, Kasey Ingerson '20, Merdith Diamond '19, Cammie Hussey '20, Artemis Li '20; kneeling – Sabina Wilson '21 and Emily Benoit '20.

Westover Theatre Program to Present A Piece of My Heart April 27, 28

The Westover Theatre Program will present A Piece of My Heart by Shirley Lauro on Friday and Saturday, April 27 and 28, starting at 7 pm in the School's Louise B. Dillingham Performing Arts Center.

Parking and entrance to the Performing Arts Center are on South Street. Reservations may be made by calling 203.577.4535. There is no charge for admission, but donations to the Drama Program are gratefully accepted.

Set before, during, and after the Vietnam War, A Piece of My Heart tells the story of six women who worked as nurses, military personnel, and performers on the front lines of the war. It is a powerful drama based on true stories from a book by the same name by Keith Walker. The play explores the deep effects of war and brings to light the tremendous contribution made by these women who risked their lives to help on the front lines, as well as the price they paid in reconciling all that they had experienced.

Chosen to be performed as part of the School's Academic Year Theme, "The Power of Women," A Piece of My Heart is a celebration of the indomitable spirit of the women whose stories are shared over the course of the play. The production will be directed by Marla Truini of Roxbury, who serves as the Director of Westover's Theatre Program.

The cast of A Piece of My Heart includes Jyne Dunbar '18 as Martha, Cammie Hussey '20 as Maryjo, Kasey Ingerson '20 as Sissy, Meredith Diamond '19 as Whitney, Artemis Li '20 as Leeann, and Wava Chan '21 as Steele. Two ensemble members – Emily Benoit '20 and Sabina Wilson '21 – portray more than two dozen roles, including G.I.'s, friends, family members, protestors, and doctors.

The production crew is led by Ian Diedrich of Middlebury as Technical Director. The Stage Manager is Lire Bolden '19. Lighting design is by Serena Hogan '19; sound design is by My Van '20 and Emilie Hart '19. Projection design is by Dylan Norris '19. Costumes and props are by Sarah Gordon '19, Liana Swarz-Burt '20, Natalie Brown '21, Izzy Poskas '21, and Clarice Hua '20. Costume Supervisor is Penny Covill, Prop Supervisor is Shammy Raj, and Sound Supervisor is Haley Rowland '08.

Please note that A Piece of My Heart contains language and themes that may not be appropriate for audiences younger than 15 years of age.