Westover Students Visit and Interview Artist

Two Westover students interview artist Susan McCaslin in her New Haven studio about her artistic process, her artwork, and its underlying themes.

From left: Artist Susan McCaslin (left) is interviewed in her New Haven studio by Madelin Aho '21 and Maddie Hurtgen '18 as Photography teacher Caleb Portfolio records the interview.

Westover Students Visit and Interview Artist Susan McCaslin in Her New Haven Studio

Maddie Hurtgen '18 and Madelin Aho '21 accompanied Ali Hildebrand, Art History teacher, and Caleb Portfolio, Photography teacher, on a visit to the studio of artist Susan McCaslin in the West River Arts Center in New Haven on April 12.

Maddie and Madelin interviewed McCaslin, whose work is currently on display in her exhibition "Protection/Protected" in Westover's Schumacher Gallery through May 20. Much of their discussion grew out of interpretive questions the students asked McCaslin about her work, ranging from questions about her process to the theme of protection woven into her work.

As managers of the School's gallery, Ali and Caleb also are working to develop a student curator program; the visit to McCaslin in her studio was part of their efforts to give students a great connection to exhibiting artists and their artwork.

Caleb videotaped the students' interview with McCaslin and a tour of her studio for a video presentation he is preparing about the artist and her Gallery exhibition.