Theme Year

2018-19 Theme Year: "Owning Our Narrative"

Westover’s theme for the 2018-2019 school year will be titled, “Owning Our Narrative.” This year’s Themed-Year Committee, led by students, received 21 proposals from students and faculty members and was able to draw ideas from many of them culminating in next year’s inclusive theme. The students decided that in order to keep the themed-year engaging and relevant each term would have its own unique focus.

The fall term will be centered on the personal narrative and focus on “Self-awareness and Mental Health.” This will be done by way of self-reflection, sharing personal stories through media such as the written and spoken word and visual art, all through the lens of self-respect and self-worth.

The focus of the winter term, titled “Reboot and Reconnect,” is centered on sharing narratives. This will include exercises exploring the power of social media, how we can unplug, reflect on our online identities, and reaffirm our connections with those around us.

The focus of the spring term, Making a Change, will attempt to shift the narrative. This will include activities designed to support finding one’s voice and truly hearing others in a climate of change, creating or recreating the narrative and speaking up and out together about our passions, both philosophical and physical.

Stay tuned for news of events, activities, workshops, and projects aimed at the Power of Women!


2018-19 Theme Year Activities

Sept. 17 &18, Fall 2018: Book Making

On Monday, Sept. 17, students, faculty and staff participated in the first theme year activity of the school year, “Owning Our Narrative.” Individuals broke into groups and decorated a piece of paper in a way that represents their narrative. On Tuesday, groups met and discussed their narratives.