WestoverConnect is an initiative of the Alumnae Association Board of Governors, designed to leverage Westover’s vast network of global alumnae. Whether you are embarking on your first career or preparing for a transition, explore your options with a Westover alumnae adviser in corporate, nonprofit and government career.

Testament of the growing WestoverConnections

"Without WestoverConnect, I might not have had the easy an opportunity to meet a recent graduate." -Robin Cruz McClearn ’83, Westover Connect Advisor

I enjoyed the opportunity to meet Stephanie Crudele ’14. WestoverConnect is such a simple and convenient way to connect with other Westover graduates. I felt as if I were speaking with one of my own classmates, with the benefit of work, family, and life experience.

It was very simple to connect. We chose our preferred methods of contact, arranged a mutually agreeable time, and then spoke at length.

Don't miss this rewarding and unique experience. The special bond between Westover girls remains strong, even with time and distance.

–Robin Cruz McClearn ’83, P’18, Alumnae Association Board of Governors, Reunion Committee Chair An attorney with extensive business and management experience, Robin owns East Avenue Advisors, LLC, an advisory firm providing estate planning and asset management services.

"It especially means so much to hear first-hand experiences not just from any woman in business, but a Westover woman in business." -Stephanie Crudele '14, Westover Connect Member

I’ve loved connecting with Robin! We’ve talked over the phone and on FaceTime.

The system is super easy to use. You can search by field and expertise or browse through all of the available mentors at once. With so many great choices with really detailed descriptions and contact information, you can request a session, picking a few times that work for you.

There is something for everyone through everyone on WestoverConnect. Whether they are looking to go into the medical field, interior design or anything in between, there's someone that they can connect with.

–Stephanie Crudele '14, Sophomore at Bentley University, Waltham, Massachusetts

"I don’t know why you wouldn’t use WestoverConnect. It’s easy to use and you have immediate access to graduates from around the world." -Maura Tansley ’00, Westover Connect Advisor

With WestoverConnect I have been given a great tool for me both to be mentored and to act as a mentor. The platform was very easy to use. It feels very natural because you are connecting with another Westover woman and you know you have a shared experience. It’s an asset to the School and our alumnae.

My favorite experience was getting to learn more about Myriam’s story. I was able to connect Myriam with a colleague of mine who went to a law school that I think would be a great fit for Myriam. Myriam was able to expand her network and I was very glad to be a part of that.

I love hearing about the more recent Westover grads, because it makes me proud and I feel more connected to the School. I’ve gained a renewed excitement for the paths of the more recent Westover graduates. I am looking forward to using WestoverConnect to talk with more of them! - Maura Tansley ’00, Alumnae Association Westover Board of Governors, Public Defender in Worcester County, Massachusetts

"Talking with an alumna who is in the legal field was inspiring because now I have someone who I know I can contact at any given time." -Myriam Kelly '11, Westover Connect Member

Talking with an alumna who is in the legal field was inspiring because now I have someone who I know I can contact at any given time. It was so easy to get in touch with her right away to set up a time to talk.

We were able to talk about the little things that make the Yellow Nunnery special – common error quizzes, the Westover Pond where Dirge happens, and how the School’s administration and faculty made us feel as if we were part of a big family.

I would encourage classmates to give WestoverConnect a try. It worked well for me, and I think everyone should take a chance and use it.

– Myriam Kelly '11, Bates College 2015 graduate, degree in History and Religious Studies, minor in East Asian Studies. Current Stamford resident and squash coach at Sportsplex, studying for LSAT.

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