Dorm Life

At 9 p.m., when study hall ends, many students head for their dorm parent's apartment where they might find a variety of their favorite freshly made snacks.

Students might join in a rousing game of Taboo, watch their favorite TV show, or talk about news at Westover and beyond. Some girls also use this time to make phone calls, IM their friends, shower, and get ready for bed. The time between study hall's end and in-room is a bustling time in the dorm.

At "in-room" time, dorm parents and proctors begin making rounds saying "goodnights" to each student.

Some nights there are corridor meetings where dorm parents and proctors meet with the girls on their corridor to plan dorm activities, talk about improving living conditions, or celebrating a girl's birthday. Working together to live happily in this community is always a priority.

Dorm Details

Corridor Events

Several times a year special events occur in the dorm, such as corridor dinners, where girls cook and eat dinner in their dorm parent's apartment.

Another favorite corridor activity is progressive ice cream sundaes; where a girl can travel to each of the eight dorm parents' apartments to get a different topping from each to complete a delicious evening snack. Girls love decorating the door of a birthday girl and making a cake for the after study hall snack.

On holidays the dorm parents sometimes have a surprise activity planned for after study hall, such as pumpkin carving for Halloween.

Dorm Parents and Proctors

Eight dorm parents, who are either single, married, or married with children, live in the dorm with the students. The work the dorm parents do in the dorm is the largest part of their work at Westover.

These dorm parents provide Westover's "home away from home". They also serve as advisors to individual students and sometimes advisors to clubs. They can be counted on to have a Bandaid for a blister, an egg for making cake, advice for a broken heart, compassionate critique, and a hug when needed. Each dorm parent is on-duty 3 nights each week, and they are on-duty every other weekend. The time that dorm parents spend with students makes the Westover residential program unique.

Proctors are junior or senior students who are elected by students and selected by faculty to act as support and mentors to their corridor of girls. Proctors live on corridor with their girls and assist the dorm parent with "check-in"," in-room", and "goodnights". Many students go to proctors to find help with roommate conflicts, to talk, or just to "hang out"!

Residential Faculty

  • Sarah Mannella: Residential Life Director and Dorm Parent, Freshman corridor

Sarah is in her seventh year living in the dorm with her husband Dak, their daughters, Molly and Sadie, and two black cats. She is in her 3r year as Director of Residential life and holds an Associates degree in Psychology. In addition to her role in the Dorm, she also oversees Student Activities, Sit-down Dinner and Student Work Projects.

  • Regina Mann: Dorm Parent, Senior Annex

Regina has been at Westover for thirteen years, in addition to her role as dorm parent and Administrator on Duty, she also works in the Business Office, in charge of accounts payable.

  • Maggie Nunez-Fernandez '99: Dorm Parent, Junior/Senior Corridor

Maggie joined the Westover faculty in the fall of 2015 and also teaches Chemistry. She lives on corridor with her daughter, Cassandra.

  • Samantha Peterson: Dorm parent, Sophomore/Junior Corridor

Samantha attended Texas Christian University and graduated with a B.S. in Social Work then moved right into a Masters program at University of Texas at Arlington and graduated with a Masters of Social Work. Prior, she was working in NYC as a supervisor for Gateway, an organization that assists adults with disabilities and their families. Sam also works in the office of the Head of School.

  • Megan Vojack-Weeks '06: Head Dorm parent, Freshman corridor

Megan, a 2006 alumna, obtained her undergrad in Diversity Studies at Skidmore College (N.Y.) and her masters in Conflict Resolution from Portland State University. A local CT gal, Megan and her husband, Vince, and their daughter, Skyler, have lived in the dorm since 2016.

  • Sarah Michaelson: Backup dorm parent/AOD

Sarah graduated from The University of Iowa with a bachelor's degree in science education with an emphasis in biology. The summer of 2016 she finished her master's degree in biology from Clemson University. After spending her whole life in Iowa, she is ready for a new adventure in New England!

  • Sara Reid: Dorm Parent, Junior corridor
  • Abby Woodworth: Dorm Parent, Sophomore corridor
  • Shelby Farnham '13: Dorm Parent, Sophomore corridor