Life at Westover

“I liked the feeling of community when I first visited Westover. I went all over the campus and I felt so comfortable with the architecture of the buildings. And Westover’s dorm is so special. I had visited other schools and their dorms were in separate buildings, but at Westover the dorm is in the main building. I like that I can go downstairs from my dorm room and go the dining room. It feels like a home to me."
- Niki '19

Boarding school prepares students for life like no other educational experience. It’s a different kind of school environment that attracts a special kind of student—one who is looking for more unique opportunities, is eager to challenge themselves more academically, and wanting more time to discover all that they can be.

Westover School’s boarding experience cultivates a nurturing, inclusive environment that proves our students can be highly motivated, and genuinely nice. Our community is like family, a place where you know everyone’s name and hometown. Westover is a place where girls are comfortable taking risks, where they don’t worry about looking silly, and where they feel completely free to be themselves… and let others do the same.

So, if you’re ready for more, Westover is ready for you.

Contact David Tuttle, Director of Enrollment Management at 203.577.4522 for more information

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