Rasin Center for Global Justice

We tend to understand the world in terms of our own personal, immediate experience. When we move outward toward an awareness of our interconnectedness with all that is “not us" and accept our responsibility to care for that relationship through action, we make possible, for ourselves and others, deeper understanding, richer adventure, truer connection, and a fuller life.

The purpose of the Rasin Center is to ensure that the Westover community engages with the world beyond its walls through a focus on Community Service, Diversity, Environmental Sustainability, and Global Programs.

We partner with faculty to think about curriculum and other school programs, and to provide opportunities to connect learning and action, including socially and environmentally responsible service and travel experiences.

The Community Service, Diversity, Environmental Sustainability, and Global Programs have come together as The Rasin Center for Global Justice in order to collaborate with renewed energy, creativity, and purpose in support of our School's ideals of understanding and engagement.

The Center's unique synergy supports our school's motto: “To Think, To Do, To Be", by inspiring our students

To believe that they, as individuals and in partnership with others, truly have the power to effect change

To respond to the complexities and challenges of our world with courage and creativity

To find joy and meaning in their efforts

Joy Peterkin Rasin '54, in honor of her late husband, Rudolph S. Rasin, has generously sponsored the Center's work; her passion for social justice also serves as inspiration.

For more information, please contact Kate Taylor, Director of the Rasin Center for Global Justice at ktaylor@westoverschool.org.

What's New in the Rasin Center:

  • View the 2018 Spring Newsletter here.
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This partnership with News-Decoder began in spring of 2015 through the Rasin Center with former head of school, Ann Pollina and News-Decoder founder, Nelson Graves.

“News-Decoder, a not-for-profit global network based in Paris, seeks to foster understanding among young people from around the world through webinars and other programs that share information and analysis of international issues, events, and trends.”

Click here to learn more about Westover's involvement with News-Decoder.