Academic Services

“The Center for Academic Support, and Shelby (Neal), in particular, have helped me greatly in my time at Westover to improve my work and bring my grades up to eventually making honors. These resources have helped me reach my full potentual as a student.”
- Scott '18

Shelby Neal, Dean of Academics, manages the day-to-day programing of the Academic Office including new student placements, scheduling, advising program, study hall, academic dishonesty, academic probation, and medical leaves. She also coordinates grade meetings, term exams, and AP examination administration.

In addition to her work in the Academic Office, Shelby oversees the Center for Academic Support and all related matters, including supervising the Learning Specialist. She manages students with learning challenges by interpreting educational testing reports, writing individual education plans, coordinating all standardized testing accommodations, arranging academic tutoring, assessing candidates for admission, and advising current and perspective families.

Center for Academic Support

The Center for Academic Support provides resources for all students and faculty. Our Learning Specialist, Katie DeFrancesco, is available to meet with any student who needs assistance with time management, organization, learning strategies and study skills.

In addition, she works with teachers to help ensure that all students’ learning styles are supported in the classroom. While some students are assigned to work in the Center for Academic support by the Academic Office or advisors, others choose to attend sessions with the Learning Specialist as needed.


Shelby Neal
Dean of Academics

Katie DeFrancesco

Learning Specialist