Independent Exploration

Resilient, Resourceful, Confident

OSG - One Schoolhouse

In 2009 Westover was one of four all-girls schools to establish the Online School for Girls, the first ever consortium offering online education for girls.

In addition to other courses, a student may consider taking a course through OSG, a division of One Schoolhouse.
Courses approved by departments can be used to fulfill over all course load requirements. OSG provides quarterly grade reports.

The OSG uses collaborative work, connection of subject matter to other subjects and to real world applications, use of writing skills, and creative, classroom methods to engage students.

Program Director: Kathryn Albee


Westover established the Sonja Osborn Museum Studies Internship to enable a junior or senior to broaden and enrich her dedication to Art History through practical experience in museum work.

The internship consists of a ten-week program that the student develops with Westover's Art History teacher Ali Hildebrand and Hill-Stead staff members.

For the first eight weeks, the student spends six hours a week at Hill-Stead, where she participates in meetings, assists educational programs, and works in collection management, research, or conservation. During the final two weeks of the program, the intern works on a project that investigates the historical ties between Hill-Stead and Westover.

Program Director: Ali Hildebrand

Manhattan School of Music

The precollege division of Manhattan School of Music is a full-day music program for 30 Saturdays between September and May. Students are admitted by audition only, and once accepted are entitled to a full day of music classes.

There are currently about 400 students enrolled in the Precollege Division, with more than 130 faculty members.
Students attending the Precollege Division must study with a Precollege Division Faculty Member exclusively. The Precollege Division is not for beginning students on any instrument.

Students may enroll for a 40-minute or a 60-minute lesson and augment their private studies with classes such as theory and ear training classes, orchestra and chorus, composition, conducting, and chamber groups

Program Director: Bob Havery