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Main BuildingAs an independent school leader, I have visited many a school campus. But from the moment I walked onto the Westover campus, I knew this place was different. The layout of the campus, the building itself, the quiet hum of the hallways… it all resonated with me on a deep level.

Mary Robbins Hillard, founder of Westover School, wrote that the building “blends purpose with beauty, so that the sweet austerity, the charm and stately dignity of its academic and domestic atmosphere shall be an unconscious but constantly elevating influence endearing the place to all.”

Miss Hillard’s initial vision for a school that in its very architecture promotes connection and community remains extraordinarily relevant today. For over a hundred years, Westover has offered a life-changing experience for smart, motivated girls – offering them the opportunity to confidently strive for the highest academic and personal achievement within a close-knit community that welcomes each girl for the person she is and the woman she aspires to become.

I invite you to come experience Westover for yourself. I look forward to meeting you!

Julie Faulstich
Head of School

Board of Trustees


Susan Clark '71
Redding, CT

Eleanor Acheson '65
Vice President
Washington, D.C.

Blair D. Stambaugh
Vice President
Bryn Mawr, PA

Lisa Detwiler '80
Philadelphia, PA

Judith LeSage Grassi '74
Jarrettsville, MD

Julie Faulstich
ex officio Head of School
Middlebury, CT

Board Members

Domenick Calabrese P'14
Watertown, CT

Caroline Demirs Calio '93
Farmington, CT

Frederick M. Clark P'11
Woodbury, CT

Christine Muldowney Dahl '82, P'14
Southport, CT

William Donovan P'11, '16
Brewster, NY

Jennifer Gold '87
Los Angeles, CA

Carol Goldburg '80
Pittsburgh, PA

Lily Hurlimann '72
Menlo Park, CA

Robin Cruz McClearn ’83, P’18
Summit, NJ

Michael Paolucci P’17, ’20
Washington, CT

Molly A. Parker
Middlebury, CT

Maura Tansely ’00
ex officio President, Board of Governors
Worcester, MA

Dr. Divya Singh '83
Seattle, WA

Starr White Snead '79
Charleston, SC

C. Elizabeth Spencer '69
Norwich, VT

Life Trustees

Helen Angier Trumbull ’48, P’68,’73, GP’97
Marion, MA

Head of School Emeritus

Joseph L. Molder P’80, GP’19
Southbury, CT

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Mission Statement

The mission of Westover School is to provide an environment that inspires the intellectual, artist, athlete, and philosopher in each of its students. Westover challenges its young women to think independently, to embrace diversity, and to grow intellectually and spiritually. Westover encourages in its students integrity, responsibility, and commitment to their community.

Westover is committed to providing a college preparatory education in a small community atmosphere that emphasizes student-adult interaction. Our faculty have been chosen not only for their scholarship but also because they are people who share several fundamental moral concerns: a belief in passing on to young women their own enthusiasm for learning, a sense of beauty, and a compassion for others.

Westover, through program and faculty, endeavors to develop in each student the confidence and strength to shape her own life - to become the best that she can be.

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“It is our hope that by the time a student graduates she has cultivated a strong, supportive network — a network that can expand even further after graduation.”

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