The Arts, both visual and performing, are essential to life, learning and creative problem solving. The Art Department at Westover provides an immersive and varied program that facilitates an interchange of ideas that encourages students to become more aware of the world around them. Through collaborative and independent learning processes and the mastery of thoroughly taught skills, students learn to see clearly, listen acutely, think critically, and to explore creatively so that they can move and express themselves with confidence.


The Arts, both visual and performing, are essential to life and to learning. Art courses encourage a student to become more aware of the world around her, to appreciate beauty, and to make use of thoroughly taught skills to express herself with confidence.

Two credits in the Arts are required for graduation. Freshmen and new sophomores are required to take Introduction to Visual Art, and those planning to take Advanced Studio courses should take Elements of Art.

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Department Chairs

Bob Havery, Performing
Juilliard School, B.M., M.S.

Sara Poskas, Visual

Oberlin College, BA
University of Illinois, MA
Teaching Certification

In the Arts Events

Who: Jacqueline Siefert '07

When: May 12th-June 2nd

Open reception: May 12th from 5-7 as part of Alumnae Weekend.

About the Artist:

I’ve never been able to stick to one medium: I create constantly and as soon as I feel very locked in to one theme or method, I have to try something new. I continually work in circles.
I attended Westover School (2007) and Rhode Island School of Design (2012), where I completed a year of Furniture Design before switching to Apparel Design. I also studied abroad in Rome, Italy where I painted and made sculptures and got lost in the city. I love combining materials, methods and technical ability to make my work, and let it evolve and grow.
I currently work as a textile designer, painter, writer and occasional seamstress/patternmaker.
I like beauty and color and am continually amazed by naturally occurring color and texture combinations.Most of all, I love listening to the muse when she hands me something beautiful and am always waiting for that unexplained spark that leads me down a path.

Artist Statement:

“My Ladies”

I’ve been obsessively drawing these beautiful, yet disenchanted ladies for years, and they have evolved as my own eye has shifted.Sometimes I focus only on their surroundings, or their place within the piece (or group of pieces); sometimes the environment overpowers them, and sometimes they navigate it.
Sometimes their clothes take over, and sometimes the viewer stands in the place of the lady and observes her surroundings. In the beginnings of this theme, my ladies were on plain wooden backgrounds but they have grown to occupy their own spaces.
Recently, they’ve begun to shift their gaze away from the viewer. Through close observation of the people around me, a sensitivity to and appreciation of my environment, a love of material and color experimentation, and my own evolving sense of self, I’ve created an alternate community of ladies and a world within which they can exist.

In Ceramics 1 this spring term, Elizabeth '19 demonstrated how to do paper quilling - where paper is curled and formed into shapes or designs which can then be glued together and pressed into clay as an original stamp.

On Friday, Feb. 24, Gracey Greco '17, this year's SOMSI intern, presented a symposium analyzing Monet's Haystack Paintings in Hill-Stead's Collection.
You can watch her presentation via the Westover Livestream account here.

LBD Performing Arts Center

In Novemeber of 1961, ground was broken for the construction of the Louise Bulkley Dillingham Student Activities Building (LBD).
In 1962, the building was officially dedicated in honor of Westover's second headmistress.
In 1963, Coagess noted that the LBD was "a building which increased opportunity, while preserving Westover's essential spirit." The original structure was designed to house both the School's athletic facilities and its performing arts space.

Westover's Schumacher Gallery, located in the LBD Performing Arts Center, exhibits work throughout the year by professional artists, including photography, painting, ceramics and multimedia works.

More information can be found on the In The Gallery Page.

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“It is our hope that by the time a student graduates she has cultivated a strong, supportive network — a network that can expand even further after graduation.”

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