International Students

Global Sisterhood

Westover School is a global community that is amplified by our international students, from approximately 18 countries every school year.

Westover seeks curious and engaged students who want to grow and learn in a challenging and supportive environment. Our students are motivated to become their best selves in and out of the classroom and take advantage of the many diverse opportunities Westover has to offer.

We welcome student applicants from around the world to be part of our community to develop a global perspective. We are dedicated to community, and we understand that success in a society depends on international-mindedness in the world we live in today. Therefore, Westover is committed to exposing all our students to diverse people, cultures, and places. 

We believe that our international students have an additional set of needs that we strive to meet. 

Please contact Director of International Admission Suzanne Buenaventura with questions about Westover School or the application process.

How Westover Supports International Students
  • The Global Programs Office, as part of the Rasin Center, is a designated space on campus designed to uplift and support student identities, cultures, ideas, and collaboration. 
  • In addition to the Global Programs Office, every new student is connected to a current student, their "big sibling," to answer many of the questions they may have and help your student prepare for their first year at Westover. 
  • Two International Proctor student leaders help acclimate and support our international students throughout their first year at Westover. 
  • Our student-led International Student Alliance focuses on community-building for International Students, including proposing trips and events, supporting student holidays, and increasing visibility of everyone's culture. 
  • 30+ student-led clubs create opportunities for celebrating identity and fun events! 
Facilities & Amenities
  • Dormitories are designed to support International Students in acclimating to their new home surroundings.
  • Dorm faculty and International Proctors 
  • The student kitchen is used by students and dorm faculty for cooking and sharing meals that remind students of home.
  • Round the clock dining hall with hot meals and snacks for students.
  • Athletic facilities and gymnasium available for students throughout the week.
Daily Experience & Support
  • Weekly Sit-Down Dinners are an important community-building time for Westover, in which students, faculty, and staff come together for a family-style dinner. These dinners are used to highlight student cultures and cuisines, and provide an opportunity for sharing the significance of food to different cultures and communities. 
  • During the long weekend breaks when the dorms remain open, students can stay on campus and relax or take advantage of a number of local, school-sponsored off-campus activities that include movie trips, international food market trips, and shopping trips. 
  • We offer on-campus activities during these weekends including movie nights in the dorm, special snacks and meals, playing board games, and relaxing in dorm parent apartments. During these long weekends we also often plan trips specifically for our international students; we’ve offered trips to New York City and Boston in recent years.