The Arts, both visual and performing, are essential to life, learning and creative problem solving. The Art Department at Westover provides an immersive and varied program that facilitates an interchange of ideas that encourages students to become more aware of the world around them. Through collaborative and independent learning processes and the mastery of thoroughly taught skills, students learn to see clearly, listen acutely, think critically, and to explore creatively so that they can move and express themselves with confidence.


The Arts, both visual and performing, are essential to life and to learning. Art courses encourage a student to become more aware of the world around her, to appreciate beauty, and to make use of thoroughly taught skills to express herself with confidence.

Two credits in the Arts are required for graduation. Freshmen and new sophomores are required to take Introduction to Visual Art, and those planning to take Advanced Studio courses should take Elements of Art.

Department Chairs

Bob Havery, Performing
Juilliard School, B.M., M.S.

Sara Poskas, Visual

Oberlin College, BA
University of Illinois, MA
Teaching Certification

In the Arts Events

Who: Chris Perry

When: Fall 2018 September 21- Nov. 16th; Reception: September 28: 6:15-7:30 p.m.

Exhibition Title: Liquid Pages: Chris Perry at Schumacher Gallery

Artist Statement:
The interest in book-binding grew out of a need to create a demonstrative piece for a planned published work that incorporated many hundreds of drawings in a hand-bound book. I soon found that the process of book-binding, especially binding hand-cut pages that emulated what happens in a flip book, took over all of my studio time.

The early pieces were stand alone, single volumes that had a small number of pages, each carefully planned and cut into moving shapes, all within the body of the volume. As they became more complicated they accumulated multiple volumes and started to “sprout” appendages of cut paper that extended from all edges and eventually from the spine as well.

The focus of the work is always water, in all its forms and effects on other things, both man-made and natural. The works incorporate a number of signature elements to elicit the information I wish the viewer to take away, in the same fashion a writer will use the same elements repeatedly in her writing, like the use odd names, or staging the action in the same time period or location over and over, or simply to having a particular way of crafting sentences.

While still exploring the small spaces I occassionally create within a few hand-cut volumes, I am actively planning on pieces that address entire rooms using thousands of volumes to depict water structures such as a hurricane or tsnuami, a storm front or clouds.

The first time I saw the Schumacher Gallery with it’s high ceiling and the large wall facing the main entrance I knew immediately what to do with it. 184 Ripples: groundwater covers 65% of the wall up to 18’ high. It utilizes over 200 volumes mounted so that they pitch out with some of them sporting cut paper ribbons of varying length.

The inspriation, following the water theme, comes from the road cuts one drives through on a highway, cuts that in winter have long icicles and ice falls formed by the freezing of the water seeping from between the layers of cut rock. This is the result of groundwater finding an escape after having trickled through the many layers of rock.

Having the opportunity to produce and install such large works is what drives me. That and cutting paper, over and over and over.

LBD Performing Arts Center

LBD Performing Arts Center

In Novemeber of 1961, ground was broken for the construction of the Louise Bulkley Dillingham Student Activities Building (LBD).
In 1962, the building was officially dedicated in honor of Westover's second headmistress.
In 1963, Coagess noted that the LBD was "a building which increased opportunity, while preserving Westover's essential spirit." The original structure was designed to house both the School's athletic facilities and its performing arts space.

Westover's Schumacher Gallery, located in the LBD Performing Arts Center, exhibits work throughout the year by professional artists, including photography, painting, ceramics and multimedia works.

More information can be found on the In The Gallery Page.