Westover’s diverse and ever-evolving dance program provides training and performance opportunities for the experienced and novice dancer alike. Small classes allow for deep engagement with faculty and fellow students; while a wide range of offerings allow students to explore and expand their personal skills and repertoire.
Westover maintains three dance studios on campus. Modern and ballet continue to be the core curriculum of our performing groups, with a renewed emphasis on developing student choreography through improvisation. Other classes include world dance, tap, pointe, hip hop, and jazz; and we provide optional cross training opportunities in zumba; aerobics; and physio-ball. Short courses in dance history and kinesiology are offered as well.
Dance students have many opportunities to perform, including Parent’s Weekend, the Fall Musical (theater), Candlelight Service, Revisit Days, and the Annual Spring Dance Concert (which features works from both faculty and students).

In addition, we participate (with many other area high schools) in a Dance Slam each February. This dynamic event includes a master class, adjudicated student/faculty showcase, and a culminating feedback session. Finally, Westover offers a number of dance workshops and students participate in at least one major field trip during the school year.

Program Information

Dance Director
Meghan Buchanan

Modern, Contemporary, Ballet, World (Indian, African), Tap, Pointe, Hip Hop, Jazz, Yoga, Zumba, Aerobics, Physio-ball.