In the Gallery
In the Gallery

The Schumacher Gallery at Westover School facilitates dialogue between students, professional artists, and the community through challenging and approachable contemporary exhibitions.

The gallery provides a space where viewers can make meaningful connections between artwork, curriculum, and culture. Through its three to four rotating exhibitions each year featuring professional and student artists in varying media, the gallery functions as a viewing and instructional space for an inquiring student body and the school's surrounding and varied communities.

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Current Exhibit

Artist : Alyson Maderson Quinlog
Title of Exhibition: un*named zine library: call & response 
Date of Exhibition: February 13 Feb 20th- April 29th?
Date of Reception: TBD - Closing reception, open mic

Artist Statement

My artistic practice is based in photography, printmaking, and book arts. My studio is community centered. For almost 20 years, my practice has revolved around the alternative photographic process of cyanotype, botanical photograms, community portraits, and self portraits. Printmaking, book arts, and social practice are the driving force of Magik Press Studios opened in New London, CT in 2019, which publishes limited edition zines in collaboration with other artists and community organizations. I also create one of a kind artist books and limited edition poetry collections that connect my visual practice with spoken word performance and improvised experimental music. I am often working on multiple overlapping individual, collaborative, and community based projects which influence and inform each other. My installations are also about connection. I believe that Art connects the Brain and Heart, the un*named zine library which is in its 3rd iteration speaks to the communal power of gathering around Art particularly for people most marginalized by social injustice. 


The un*named zine library is an ongoing project first brought to life in 2018. I created the library as a response to the discomfort I often feel in institutional environments that house and/or gatekeep art and culture. For many years as a working artist I felt it necessary to conform and shrink myself and my work to fit into these institutions. Now I practice art that imposes my Queerness (as defined by bell hooks) into spaces that participate in the erasure/misrepresentation of our histories and lives. My installation is an intentionally idiosyncratic space that appears like a mirage in the desert of cishet patriarchy. All are invited to sit, relax, and find comfort and maybe inspiration in the library. 


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