Westover School offers a range of music opportunities, including private music lessons. These lessons are available to students who are interested in learning a musical instrument or improving their skills on an instrument they already play.

Private music lessons are offered in a range of instruments, including the piano, guitar, cello, violin, and clarinet. These lessons are taught by experienced and knowledgeable instructors who are skilled in a variety of musical styles and techniques.

Lessons are tailored to the individual student's needs and goals and typically take place on a weekly basis. For example, a student who is just starting out on the piano may have weekly lessons focused on basic techniques and music theory, while a more experienced student may work on advanced repertoire and performance skills.

Private music lessons provide students with the opportunity to receive one-on-one instruction and personalized attention from their instructor. This can help students make faster progress and develop a deeper understanding of their chosen instrument.

In addition to private music lessons, Westover School also offers group music classes and ensembles for students to participate in. These provide a chance for students to collaborate with their peers and perform in front of an audience. Overall, the private music lessons offered at Westover School are an important part of the school's commitment to providing a well-rounded education that includes the arts.

Music Instructors