Environmental Sustainability
Environmental Sustainability

The Environmental Sustainability programs at Westover seek to inspire each member of the Westover community to see their own individual impact on the world around them and to learn the power of their choices and voices to enact change.  

Through Westover's Environmental Sustainability Programs I've discovered what I want to do with myself and my future.

Grace '20


Students in a lake, participating in environmental sustainability motives

 Programs At Westover That Span The Classroom, Campus, And Beyond

  • In courses such as AP Environmental Science, Renewable Energy, Forestry, Hydrology, Climate and Meteorology, and Botany, students learn about the natural world and the influences that we, as humans, have that make an impact today and for many years to come.
  • Students have the opportunity to get their hands dirty working in our greenhouse and organic garden (new in 2019), exploring the wild spaces on our 145 acre campus, as well as learning beekeeping skills in the Westover apiary.
  • Student groups such as the Environmental Action Committee and Fair Trade Club have the chance to work with faculty, staff, administration and each other to create a more sustainable campus. Participating in national and international programs like the Project Green Challenge and AdCap Challenge help students to develop skills in leadership and activism.
  • Through our partnership with the Kenauk Institute in Canada, students particularly interested in environmental field work have the opportunity to participate in a summer junior internship program conducting research in the Canadian old growth forests.

See photos of the 2019 summer trip here

Westover is committed to inspiring students to champion environmental sustainability through their own choices and to see themselves as key members of the global community.