Vision for Belonging & Justice

Westover’s mission is to empower young women to lead lives of consequence.  

At Westover, embracing diversity, advocating for equity, and welcoming all inclusively are educational imperatives and expressions of our enduring core values - strength of character, passion for learning, women’s empowerment, and community.

Westover’s Vision for Belonging and Justice

At Westover, we work collectively to create a culture of belonging; one that recognizes the value of diversity, and creates an antiracist and just learning community. We recognize that to fulfill our mission, we must wholeheartedly embrace the perspectives and experiences that arise from the diversity of ideas, identities, experiences, and backgrounds within our community, in order to ensure that every member of our community can be their authentic self. 

In pursuit of our vision, we:

  • Recognize and honor the uniqueness of every member of the Westover community.  We seek to embrace and understand our individual differences and support each person's expression of self as we grow and discover shared interests. This is our understanding of Diversity.
  • Assume collective responsibility for fostering a culture of belonging where every member of the Westover community is engaged, valued, and respected. This is achieved through deliberate work to build trusting relationships, invite varied perspectives and courageous conversations, lead with empathy, and stay connected across differences. This is our understanding of Belonging.
  • Commit to becoming an anti-racist and anti-bias institution. We commit to dismantling any practices, policies, traditions, and processes that perpetuate racism and bias; replacing them with practices that support inclusion and belonging.  This is our understanding of anti-racist and anti-bias work.
  • Practice equity on the path to justice. We commit to creating equitable access to resources and opportunities for all within the Westover community, ensuring that all are treated with fairness and prepared to develop to their full potential. This is our understanding of Justice.

This is Our Journey.