International Students

Our students come from 14 states and 19 countries including: Australia, China, Ecuador, Egypt, England, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Jordan, Malaysia, Nicaragua Pakistan, Rwanda South Africa South Korea, Spain, Taiwan Vietnam and Yemen. California, Connecticut, District of Columbia Florida, Indiana Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Texas and Wyoming.

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International Student FAQs

How to Apply


Located in the quiet rural hamlet of Middlebury, Connecticut, Westover is situated on a quaint New England green, a short walk to a bakery, two pizzerias, a candy store, frozen yogurt café, and a coffee shop. Even though Middlebury is a safe town, we make safety a priority. All campus doors are locked and students use identification cards to swipe to enter buildings. All guest are required to register at our front office, and we have 24-hour security.

College Admissions

Our goal is to help all of our students matriculate at a college or university where they will thrive and from which they will emerge prepared to be leaders and agents of change in the world. Our college counselors help to guide our students through the college process beginning in their sophomore year.

We offer programs during some school vacations, which include college visits in cities such as Boston, and assist in securing additional college visit transportation, either through the school, public transportation, or a local Westover family.

Additionally, we supervise all college placement testing (e.g. PSAT, SAT, ACT, and TOEFL).

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We want all of our students to be as engaged as possible in classes, including their written work and class discussions. For those students who have already achieved a high or intermediate level of competence in both spoken and written English, but may need some additional support to be successful in Westover’s rigorous academic curriculum, we offer an English as a Second Language program. Students can seek regular assistance from our ESL director, as well as from their advisors and teachers.

Residential Life

Westover is built to maximize the benefits of community living. Our dorms are part of the main building, which is the heart of our campus. Students travel from class, to the dining hall, and to their dorm — all within one building. Our dorm parents take care of the students at night and on the weekends. Boarding students spend time with their dorm parents every night in the dorm parent living room, having snacks, talking about their day and current events, working on homework, or playing games. Dorm parents help to monitor the use of electronics and enforce age-appropriate bedtimes as well. We also have health center staff on call during the evenings. A member of the Global Programs office resides in the dorm and, in addition to their usual proctor (the elected student leader on corridor), each student also has the support of an International Proctor.

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School Break Travel Programs

We know it is important for families to make plans for their daughters during vacations when the dorms close (Thanksgiving, December, and spring break). We offer a number of travel opportunities for students to participate in leadership workshops or service work, visit a new city, enroll in an additional preparation session (e.g. SAT course), or visit a college. We often offer school-organized service, cultural, and art trips over spring break and early summer vacation.

See this PDF for updated list.

Thanksgiving/Winter Break

Student Cultural Exchange: Travel Programs Inspiring Change

Ivy Leader: Teaching Life Skills That Matter

United Planet: Leadership Through Service

Due West Education

Spring Break

Colibri Boston

Go Abroad

Rustic Pathways

Travel Channel

For more information, please visit:

-Student Cultural Exchange: Travel Programs Inspiring Change

-Ivy Leader: Teaching Life Skills That Matter

-United Planet: Leadership Through Service

Student Visas & I-20 form

In order to study at an American school, international students who are neither citizens nor permanent residents of the United States must have a F-1 student visa. After students are enrolled, the School manages students’ immigration status and visas. In order to receive this visa, Westover’s Office of Admission will assist families with this process and send the I-20 form and supporting information for the students to present to officials during their interview appointment at the U.S. embassy or consulate.

For more information, please contact Dawn Curtis, Associate Director of Admission at and visit the following:

-Applying for a US Student Visa

-Student Exchange & Visitor Program

-Information about the SEVIS fee

Once international students have arrived for the start of the school year, the Global Programs office will hold for safekeeping all international students' passports, I-20 forms, and any airline tickets students may have with them.

Health Insurance

*Domestic students are expected to provide proof of medical/health insurance coverage. Westover does not facilitate this process or coverage options, families are expected to make sure their student has the necessary coverage while attending Westover.

International students must have insurance coverage during their time at Westover. If not privately insured, it is required you sign up for the ISM Gold Plan found here. ISM is available for international students and U.S. students whose home residential address is outside of a 100-mile radius of Westover School.

Gold Plan Coverage and Benefits

  • $500,000 maximum coverage Accident and Sickness Medical Expense Benefit (per condition, per lifetime)
  • $0 deductible
  • Includes coverage for interscholastic, intramural, and club sports ($10,000 maximum per person)
  • 100% of Usual and Customary expenses for Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Accidental death and dismemberment benefits
  • Trip Insurance—one-month minimum
  • School-Year Coverage—one-month minimum
  • Pays 100% of Usual and Customary charges for physician office visits
  • Pays 100% of Usual and Customary charges for inpatient hospital expenses
  • Pays 100% of Usual and Customary charges for outpatient hospital expenses
  • You select your physician and hospital
  • Accidental dental coverage ($200 per tooth/$500 per accident)
  • $1,000 of coverage in your home country should you become injured or ill while visiting
  • Up to $2,500 of coverage for acupuncture and physiotherapy
  • Toll-free claims number


Westover is conveniently located roughly two hours by car from both Boston, Massachusetts and New York City, New York. Students can access either city by train or bus. The School can arrange transportation from the following airports:

John F. Kennedy or LaGuardia airport, in New York City

Westchester County, in White Plains, NY

Bradley International, in Windsor Locks, CT

Transportation from Newark Airport, in New Jersey, can be arranged through the school by a private car service.

Each year we welcome new international families to campus one day early in order to provide a special orientation program that helps students transition to life at Westover. This consists of special presentations and activities for both students and parents. The dorms are open for move-in on that day. If a family arrives prior to the orientation date, we recommend the following nearby hotels:

The Wyndham Southbury

Hampton Inn

Courtyard Marriott

Students traveling by themselves may move in to the dorm one day prior to the orientation. For all travel, we ask families to complete an online travel form so that we can welcome you and help, if needed, with transportation. Whenever students request school transportation, a school driver will meet them at the airport; in the case of new students, the driver will have the students’ photo and a sign making it easier for the girl to find the driver. Upon arrival to campus, the Global Programs office will welcome new students.

A note about jet lag: Travelers are often exhausted after long flights. The dorm staff and Global Programs office are here to help. Students should be sure to try to rest, but try to adjust to the current time zone as quickly as possible. Staying hydrated and eating at the scheduled times will also help with the transition. We recommend that students do not nap at odd times and instead discuss going to bed early with their Dorm Parent. Arriving to campus a day before required activities will also help to build in adjustment time.

Communication with home

If necessary, Westover’s Global Programs office can help students get a U.S. cell phone. Alternatively, international students often utilize campus computers to make Skype calls.

Student accounts and spending money

The Business Office will assist students with setting up a Smart Tuition account for school tuition and fees, as well as a MyKidsSpending account for the student's spending money and incidental expenses. Money can be wired to the School through peerTransfer (now known as Flywire) or directly to the School's bank account. Wire instructions will be provided upon request.

Students should bring with them some spending money for meals while traveling or shopping for essentials during Orientation. An ATM or credit card will be helpful as well. Students should utilize their locking closets and keep large amounts of money in their school bank account, not in their dorm rooms.

For more information, please contact the Student Accounts office.

What to bring

Please see our packing list.