DEIB Resources

The faculty and staff of Westover School strive to create a community where students are supported throughout their educational journey.

All members of Westover's community are expected to follow our Community Guidelines to create a safe, inclusive, and fun environment on campus and beyond. Just like all communities, these guidelines are fluid and subject to change. As our community changes, so may these guidelines.


Students can go to advisors, dorm faculty, class deans, or any trusted adult for support throughout their journey at Westover including the faculty and staff noted below: 

Community Guidelines
  1. Be fully present
  2. Speak from the “I” perspective
  3. Be self-responsible and self-challenging, and work to your own limit
  4. Listen, Listen, Listen, Process
  5. Lean into discomfort
  6. OK to make mistakes, but then let them go
  7. Accept conflict as a catalyst for learning
  8. Be comfortable with silence
  9. Suspend judgment and be curious about others
  10. Treat the candidness of others as a gift: Honor Confidentiality
Diversity and Inclusion Organizations and Affinity Groups

Student Organizations

  • ASIA (Asian Students in America - Asian American Pacific Islander Affinity) 
  • Black Student Union
  • International Student Association
  • Jewish Student Association
  • Latino/a/x Student Association
  • Multiethnic and Multiracial Association
  • People with Disabilities
  • SPECTRUM (LGBTQIA+ students and allies) 
  • WestGen (Westover’s First Generation Scholars - catering to students who will be the first in their family to attend college) 
  • WALSA (Westover’s African Latino/a/x Student Association) 


Faculty/Staff Organizations 

  • Faculty and Staff of Color
  • LGBTQIA+ Faculty and Staff
  • Jewish Faculty and Staff Affinity
  • White Anti-Racist Educators
DEIB Events


  • COLORES Festival

  • Cultural and Identity-Based Observances
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day Observance
  • Off-Campus Conference Opportunities
    • NAIS Student Diversity Leadership
    • CAIS Student Diversity Leadership
    • Spectrum Conference
    • Asian American Footsteps
    • Student Life Conference  (Kent School)