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About the Wildcats About the Wildcats About the Wildcats About the Wildcats About the Wildcats About the Wildcats About the Wildcats About the Wildcats About the Wildcats About the Wildcats About the Wildcats About the Wildcats

Athletic Association Heads: 1914-Present

1914President: Armenal Wood
Secretary: Harriot Kunhardt
Treasurer: Jane Norris
1915President: Lucy Benjamin
Secretary: Helen Green
Treasurer: Ermina Carry
1916President: Adele Chisholm
Secretary: Margaret Harris
Treasurer: Minna Blair
1917President: Ruth Clifford
Secretary: Margaret Atha
Treasurer: Helen Taft
1918President: Esther Ward
Secretary: Mary Case
Treasurer: Charlene Bagley
1919President: Carolyn Bushnell
Secretary: Mary Robinson
Treasurer: Polly Griscom
1920President: Isabel Rockefeller
Secretary: Elizabeth Griggs
Treasurer: Mary Marvel
1921President: Anne Stillman
Secretary: Emma Wyckoff
Treasurer: Elizabeth Keays
1922President: Ann Field
Secretary: Birch Warner
Treasurer: Minna Bradford
1923President: Elizabeth Anderson
Secretary: Josephine Choate
Treasurer: Lucy Leonard
1924President: Helen Bulkley
Secretary: Kathleen Wyckoff
Treasurer: Fredrika Steif
1925President: Eliza Woolston
Secretary: Helen Chisholm
Treasurer: Cordelia Dumaine
1926President: Susan Dette
Secretary: Marion Spaulding
Treasurer: Barbara Byers
1927President: Nancy Morgan
Secretary: Peggy Creighton
Treasurer: Charlotte Rice
1928President: Virginia Dixon
Secretary: Constance Creighton
Treasurer: McDowell Smith
1929President: Annette Hollis
Secretary: Gertrude Thompson
Treasurer: Mary Lamb
1930President: Mary Fuller
Secretary: Harriet Lanman
Treasurer: Priscilla Simonds
1931President: Allison Ward
Secretary: Marian McComb
Treasurer: Helen Homans
1932President: Anne Peacock
Secretary: Margaret Owen
Treasurer: Edwine Nugent
1933President: Nancy Knode
Secretary: Sydney Sides
Treasurer: Mary Edwards
1934President: Marian McKean
Secretary: Priscilla Janney
Treasurer: Marjorie Murray
1935President: Elise Sortwell
Secretary: Nancy Cook
Treasurer: Nancy Logan
1936President: Jane Wheaton
Secretary: Elizabeth Plimpton
Treasurer: Marianne Elser
1937President: Pauline McKean
Secretary: Priscilla Hume
Treasurer: Madge Lazo
1938President: Polly Hopkins
Secretary: Madeleine Kilvert
Treasurer: Phyllis Greenleaf
1939President: Katharine Whittaker
Secretary: Betty van da Linda
Treasurer: Betty Perry
1940President: Ann Tomlinson
Secretary: Nancy Grant
Treasurer: Virginia Hopkins
1941President: Dorothy Whittaker
Secretary: Carol Agar
Treasurer: Jane Foote
1942President: Mary Lois Minton
Secretary: Harriet Crane
Treasurer: Margaret Dunbar
1943President: Margery Wyckoff
Secretary: Sheila Hopkins
Treasurer: Peggy Flanigan
1944President: Mary Bartlett
Secretary: Mary Whittaker
Treasurer: Elizabeth Huidekoper
1945President: Helen Lamb
Secretary: Margaret L. Hamilton
Treasurer: Winifred Anthony
1946President: Mary Elizabeth Gibson
Secretary: Doris M. Holbrook
Treasurer: Virginia S. Hall
1947President: Patricia Foote
Secretary: Joan Ross
Treasurer: Maybury Viall
1948President: Suzanne Spencer
Secretary: Jean Bronson
Treasurer: Barbara Bench
1949President: Mary Love Cates
Secretary: Harriot Gruner
Treasurer: Jean Cook
1950President: Kathleen Kenefick
Secretary: Elizabeth Velie
Treasurer: Joan Moirll
1951President: Sarita Van Vleck
Secretary: Mary Ann Ransom
Treasurer: Mary Ann Ransom
1952President: Elizabeth Ritchey
Secretary: Edith Riegel
Treasurer: Susan Wyckoff
1953President: Jean Ackerman
Secretary: Elizabeth Allen
Treasurer: Josephine Pepper
1954President: Joanne Boling
Secretary: Wendy Hill
Treasurer: Louisa Jones
1955President: Jane Hamilton
Vice-President: Ann Dillingham
Treasurer: Henrietta Mills
1956Sara Hastings
Lelia Patterson
Carol Dodson
1957President: Ann Peck
Vice-President: Florence Lincoln
Secretary-Treasurer: Margaret MacDonald
1958Josephine Merrill
Priscilla Machold
Catherine Baird
1959Elizabeth Hartmann
Larrie Levy
Harriet Bascom
1960Jane Gillespie
Elise Clement
Anne Hatfield
1961Dorothy Vietor
Alice Clement
Edith Emmet
1962Eleanore De La Cour
Carol Marshall
Gisela Hogan
1963Sybil Rohde
Jeannette Stone
Joanne Shirley
1964President: Nancy Kellogg
Charlene Claypool
Catherine Mauk
1965President: Elsie Walker
Vice-President: Cynthia Oakes
Secretary: Judith Peterson
1966President: Penelope Orr
Vice-President: Mary Spalding
Secretary: Wendy Chapman
1967President: Mary Deane
Vice-President: Laurie Uhl
Secretary: Madeleine Pagon
1968First Head: Rebecca Coates
Second Head: Claudia Orr
Third Head: Louise Hands
1969President: Charlotte Goodwin
Vice-President: Betsy Oakes
Secretary: Susie Gray
1970First Head: Margot Trotter
Second Head: Annie Conant
Third Head: Nancy LeSage
1971First Head: Audrey Smith
Second Head: Kate McMurtry
Chief Moderator: Susan Clark
1972Joannie Gerster
Edie Noble
1973First Head: Dede Stabler
Second Head: Anne Hewson
1974Judy Lesage
Diane Alexander
1975Libby Clark
Cynthia Heffron
1976First Head: Anne Edmonson
Second Head: Candy White
1977First Head: Jeanne Comeau
Second Head: Beth Gilbert
1978First Head: Claudia Rawal
Second Head: Clare Westerfield
1979First Head: Kris Marsh
Second Head: Tara Dunne
1980First Head: Allison Hastings
Second Head: Joline Thompson
1981First Head: Darcy Ramsey
Second Head: Charlotte Perrine
1982First Head: Tina Fahy
Second Head: Adela Pierson
1983Carrie O’Connor
Anne Gullquist
1984Lori Kinniburgh
Emily Webber
1985First Head: Hilary Carpenter
Second Head: Theresa Hillenbrand
1986First Head: Kirsten Gabler
Second Head: Cheryl Anne Clark
1987First Head: Keiley Gaston
Second Head: Monique Arsenault
1988First Head: Eileen Gharzouzi
Second Head: Katherine Karrie Hillenbrand
1989First Head: Monica Rueda
Second Head: Laura Wallace
1990First Head: Heather Kelly
Second Head: Marra Stankus
1991First Head: Liz Kostojohn
Second Head: Brie Willett
1992Sarah Sperry
Alex Mackenzie
1993First Head: Dawn Arthur
Second Head: Abby Pope
1994First Head: Lynne Johanson
Second Head: Lucy Fenn
1995First Head: Sam Leonard
Second Head: Jen Jankowski
1996First Head: Candice Archenbach
Second Head: Stacey Dallas
1997First Head: Katie Marages
Second Head: Karisha Cran
1998· First Head: Katy Heffernan
· Second Head: Heather Burke
1999First Head: Kelly Marages
Second Head: Cathie Gemino
2000First Head: Susan Broomhead
Second Head: Heather Krin
2001First Head: Alex Thayer
Second Head: Caroline Rodgers
2002First Head: Caitlin Reynolds
Second Head: Katherine Hallaran
2003First Head: Katie Szanto
Second Head: Emily Pomeroy
2004First Head: Elizabeth North
Second Head: Caitlyn Snyder
2005First Head: Alyssa Siefert
Second Head: Emily Noonan
2006First Head: Margaret North
Second Head: Courtney Mulligan
2007First Head: Jackie Siefert
Second Head: Erin Garrity
2008First Head: Kendall Mulligan
Second Head: Lauren Mathieu
2009First Head: Molly Sheehan
Second Head: Molly Hubbard
2010First Head: Katherine Dunham '10
Second Head: Jillian Silver '10
2011First Head: Katy Norfleet '11
Second Head: Myriam Kelly '11
2012First Head: Melissa Hall '12
Second Head: Sarah Krueger '12
2013First Head: Jane Funk '13
Second Head: Jen Zdon '13
2014First Head: Stuart Lemay '14
Second Head: Paige Cunningham '14
2015First Head: Sophia Hodson '15
Second Head: Sophia Bourgeois '15
2016First Head: Davis Lemay '16
Second Head: Isabelle Morrissey '16
2017First Head: Abby Hodson '17
Second Head: Joana Pacheco
2018First Head: Maddie Hurtgen '18
Second Head: Sophia Andrew '18
2019First Head: Xitlali Zuniga '19
Second Head: Madeline Norris '19
2020First Head: Kathryn Hunter '20
Second Head: Natalie Calo '20
2021First Head: Anna Cruz '21
Second Head: Kathleen Protzmann '21
2022First Head: Ava Finateri '22
Second Head: Selana Kurutan '22
2023First Head: Charlotte Brown '23
Second Head: Sumairaa Suleman '23
Alumnae Athletes

Sports that Westover's alumnae are currently playing at the college level.


Cross Country/Track and FieldRowing
Sophia Andrew, Springfield, 2018Elizabeth Cook, Vassar, 2019
Parley Hannan, Ithaca, 2015 (2019 National DIII XC Champion; All-Time DIII Indoor 5K Record Holder, 2020)Scott McClearn, William Smith 2018
Autumn Janesky, SCAD (Savannah), 2016Emily DeJardins, St. Lawrence, 2018
Xitlali Zuniga-Romero, St. Lawrence, 2019
Joana Pacheco, William Smith College, 2017
Wildcat Hall of Fame


The Westover School Athletic Hall of Fame was established during the Centennial year 2009-2010 to honor and memorialize those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Westover Athletics and have helped bring integrity, excellence, and recognition to the school and its athletic program.


Induction Class of 2010:

  • Edith Cummings Munson ‘17
  • Debbie Massey ‘68
  • Darcy Ramsey ‘81
  • Tomo Nakanishi ‘96
  • Laurie Black Stefanowicz ‘87
  • Anneke Rothman

Induction Class of 2014:

  • Cathie Gemino Hillian ‘99
  • Caitlin Snyder ‘04

Induction Class of 2015:

  • Marra Francis Clifton ‘90

Induction Class of 2016:

  • Margaret Treat North ‘06
  • Courtney Mulligan Whitelocke ‘06

Induction Class of 2017:

  • Elizabeth Moulton Ritchey ‘52
  • M. Dale MacDonald Jensen ‘57
  • Jeannette Matheson Lussi ‘82
  • Aimee Gough ‘02

Induction Class of 2018:

  • Marion Scott Searle ‘73
  • Eleanor Bissell Wilson ‘78
  • Lauren Mathieu ‘08
  • Kendall Mulligan ‘08

Induction Class of 2019:

  • Judith LeSage Grassi ‘74

Induction Class of 2020:

  • Nicole Sieller Warnek ‘00

Induction Class of 2021:

  • Judy Oliver ‘66
  • Myriam Kelly ‘11

Induction Class of 2022:

  • Christina Pretto ‘12
  • Evelyn Mervine ‘02
League Affiliations

Housatonic Valley Athletic League (HVAL): Christian Heritage, Forman, Harvey, King, Watkinson, Williams, and Wooster comprise the HVAL. The varsity sports played in the HVAL include cross country, basketball, golf, soccer, softball, tennis, and volleyball.

New England Prep School Athletic Conference (NEPSAC): Westover is in the Western division (District IV) of this league - called the Western New England Prep School Athletic Association (WNEPSAA).  The varsity sports played in the league include: crew, cross country, basketball, golf, soccer, softball, squash, swimming, tennis, and volleyball.

Connecticut Independent School Athletic Conference (CISAC): Christian Heritage, Hamden Hall, MacDuffie, Watkinson, and Williams comprise the CISAC. The varsity sports played in the CISAC include cross country and swimming.

Wildcat Championships

1990VolleyballUndefeated Season
1994SoccerGirls School League Champions
1995SoccerGirls School League Champions
1995VolleyballUndefeated Season
1995VolleyballNew England Champions
1996Field HockeyGirls School League Champions
1996SoccerGirls School League Champions
1996VolleyballNew England Champions
1999SoftballWNEPSSA Champions
2000VolleyballNew England Runner-Up
2000VolleyballWNEPSSSA Champions
2001VolleyballNew England Runner-Up
2002Field HockeyCISAC Runner-Up
2002SoftballWNEPSSA Champions
2002SoftballCISAC Champions
2002VolleyballWNEPSSA Champions
2003BasketballCISAC Champions
2003Cross CountryNew England Champions
2003Cross CountryCISAC Champions
2003LacrosseCISAC Champions
2003SoftballCISAC Champions
2004BasketballCISAC Runner-Up
2004Cross CountryCISAC Champions
2004SoftballCISAC Champions
2005BasketballCISAC Runner-Up
2005Cross CountryCISAC Champions
2005SoftballCISAC Champions
2006Cross CountryCISAC Champions
2006SoftballCISAC Champions
2006TennisCISAC Champions
2006VolleyballWNEPSAA Champions
2006VolleyballNew England Runner-Up
2007Field HockeyCISAC Runner-Up
2007SoccerCISAC Champions
2007TennisCISAC Champions
2008BasketballCISAC Champions
2008Cross CountryCISAC Champions
2008Field HockeyCISAC Runner-Up
2008TennisCISAC Champions
2009TennisCISAC Champions
2010Cross CountryCISAC Champions
2010Cross CountryNew England Runner-Up
2010Field HockeyCISAC Runner-Up
2010SquashNew England Champions - Class B
2010TennisCISAC Champions
2011Cross CountryCISAC Champions
2011Cross CountryNew England Runner-Up
2011SoftballCISAC Champions
2012Cross CountryCISAC Champions
2012SquashUS High School Team Squash - Div III Runner-Up
2012SquashNew England Runner-Up Class B
2013Cross CountryCISAC Champions
2013TennisCISAC Champions
2014Cross CountryCISAC Champions
2014TennisCISAC Champions
2015Cross CountryCISAC Champions
2015Cross CountryNew England - 3rd Place
2015LacrosseCISAC Champions
2015TennisCISAC Champions
2016Cross CountryCISAC Champions
2016SquashUS High School Team Squash - Div IV Champions
2016SquashNew England Runner-Up Class B
2017Cross CountryCISAC Champions
2017Cross CountryNew England Runner-Up
2017SwimmingCISAC Champions
2018Cross CountryNew England - 3rd Place
2019Cross CountryCISAC Champions
2019SquashNew England Champions - Class C
2019SquashUS High School Team Squash - Div IV Champions
2022TennisHVAL Champions
2022Cross CountryCISAC Conference Champions
2022Varsity SquashNew England Class C 3rd Place
2023Varsity SquashNew England Class C Runner-up