College Counseling

“We want you to continue your journey in a school where you will be successful as a student, an athlete, an artist ..." - College Counselor, Corky Beaulieu

The goal of Westover's College Counseling Office is to help all of our girls matriculate to colleges where they will thrive and from which they will emerge prepared to be leaders and agents of change in the world.

While students and parents are encouraged to work with the College Office at any time during their years at Westover, we begin the process with several events in the sophomore year. In the junior year we gain intensity as we gather for an eight-week college seminar that is followed by individual meetings. As we continue our journey to find schools that "fit” our students best, we strive to provide individual assistance and to build relationships with students and families.

Working hard throughout your high school years is something only you can do. What we do is strive to empower our students with knowledge of the college process and help them find “good fits” for their next academic journeys. We work to match students with schools where they can be successful students, athletes and artists.

  • Sophomores get a taste of their future possibilities by participating in a Career Day, shadowing local alumnae and parents for a day. They also attend a College Fair in the spring.

  • Juniors are given a full semester of college prep, beginning in January and covering the entire process — from targeting schools to meeting school representatives to developing resumes they can use when they interview with college representatives and can be sent along with applications. Juniors also attend individual meetings with the College Counselor and attend a College Fair in the spring.
  • Over the summer break, we send rising Seniors a letter confirming their list of college choices. Students are encouraged to visit institutions and to begin their applications. Seniors return three days before underclasswomen in September and attend College Boot Camp. In Boot Camp, Seniors work to complete all of their applications. Seniors are given personalized assistance in completing their applications, writing essays, acquiring recommendations, and pursuing scholarships or need-based financial aid.

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