Orchard Ceremony, or simply Orchard, began as the athletic awards program. However, it has expanded to include recognition of artistic, academic, and character achievements.

Orchard is a special moment of celebration for this community because it allows for the cultures and identities of the Seniors to shine through. Students of all grades receive awards during this ceremony which allows for a broad spectrum of students to be celebrated. The ceremony is then followed by performances in the LBD to allow for guests and students to enjoy the fruits of the performers’ labor over the course of the year.

Orchard Ceremony & Performances RSVP

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Commencement Events Map

Below you will find an interactive map of the Commencement Events, Orchard Ceremony, Orchard Performances (in red), and Graduation (in gold). Included in the Map are parking locations available for the events (green and blue). You can click on any of the highlighted points for additional information.


Orchard Ceremony Live Broadcast

Orchard Performances Live Broadcast

  • How many guests can be invited? 
    • Unlimited guests for Orchard, Orchard Performances, and Graduation. Senior (Graduation) Lumina is limited to two guests per Senior. Lumina will be live broadcast via Youtube and shown in the Student Commons 
  • Do I have to RSVP? 
    • YES! In order to account for correct seating and food availability, we request that all guests are counted in your RSVP
  • Can we smoke cigars, have a champagne toast, or light fireworks after graduation in celebration? 
    • This is a celebratory time for us all and we are delighted to share this joyous occasion. With that in mind, we appreciate your cooperation with the School's policy prohibiting smoking of any kind on campus and the serving of alcoholic beverages at school events where students are present, whether on or off campus. Please do not bring champagne or other alcoholic beverages nor cigars, e-cigarettes, vaping devices, or other tobacco-related products to any graduation event.
  • What is the dress code for Commencement Events? 
    • Community Members, Adults, Faculty, and Staff are encouraged to dress in business casual attire. Underclassmen wear their Unis, Seniors wear semi-formal or cultural attire for Orchard, and White semi-formal attire for graduation
  • Do I have to test for COVID  and or wear a mask?
    • Masking is not required but can be worn at your discretion. Testing is encouraged but not required before attending Commencement Events
  • Where do I park? 
    • Parking areas are marked on the interactive map. Once you arrive to campus, signage and parking helpers will assist you with the best location to park. 
  • Will I be able to take photos? 
    • Absolutely! Please note that we will have professional photographers documenting the events, as well as several cameras/attendants running the live video broadcast. 
  • Where can I obtain additional assistance for accessibility needs?
    • Once arriving to campus, our parking helpers will direct you to the best location for your needs, where regular golf cart shuttles will. run between parking areas and the events
  • Are there any suggestions for hotels, restaurants, etc near the school?
    • Yes! We have a "Westover Local Map" of recommendations from the Westover faculty. You can visit the map here
  • What happens after Orchard Performances? 
    • After the performances end, students are free to go out with their parents provided that their packing and room cleaning responsibilities have been met.
  • Where can I find more information?

Commencement Order of Events